I Still Miss You...

There was this girl I used to love n she used to love me. I met her on the Internet (crazy I know) in the 8th grade. She lived a couple hours away from me so we didn't physically meet for a while. From the first time we ever talked on the phone we had an emotional connection.
Throughout high school I had different girlfriends which hurt her and I understand that. But I truly loved ths girl. I went out with those other girls because they were around. I never wanted them the way I wanted her.
On my first day of college freshman year she came and visited me at my dorm. It was the first time I had ever seen her in reason. I was so nervous and excited at the same time! I was finally getting to see the love of my life in person for the first time. Later that semester I started dating another girl but the girl I was in love with already had a boyfriend so everything was cool I guess. We were friends n contacted each other almost everyday.
We're both 21 now n this past summer I moved out of the state so there was no way for us to see each other but I still loved this girl. We were both single n I really thought she felt the same way that I did about our relationship. I thought that even though we lived nowhere near each other we would work it out. I thought we had something rare n special. I used to always think about the different ways I would propose to her. That all came to end on Christmas Eve when she told me that she and her ex were trying to work things out. The same ex that she always would complain to me about on a daily basis. I was beyond hurt. I haven't talked to her since that night. I'm not mad about it anymore as much as I am sad. I just really wanted us to work. I miss her so much but I ant just be friends while she's in love with another man. I wish her happiness but I don't wanna know about it.
I haven't had much luck finding another girl either. I know I'm not ugly or anything but I can't find anyone who wants me that I want too. I just want love man....
Since92 Since92
18-21, M
Jan 29, 2013