My Little Brother Confessed About His First Time.

Every one who had a little brother hold up your hand. So when did he become curious about your girly parts? He was maybe 7 to 10 years old. This is normal so admit he was curious. Those boys who got to see diaper changes were not so curious. So between baths and doors left open he sees it and it is over . Normal growing up. I let my brother Teddy see me and he looked hard. When did your willy fall off he asked me . He was very concerned. Ha ha I love that story he was so innocent. I admit I was going to ask him to dip his finger in. It was right after I found out my vagina had an opening. I was afraid to do it my self , because my Mom said there is a right way and a wrong way . She told me some day a boy I loved should be the first to put his finger in there. I loved my brother , then it hit me like a slap she ment my future lover. Boy was I stupid and Innocent. Glad I didn't ask him.

Well years go by and we grow up and then he tells me the story of his first conquest as he put it . Of course we share and I tell him of mine. Then his wife pipes up and shares hers . My husband refuses to join in . He is a fuddy duddy some times in groups any way. So this story is my rendition of my brothers first experience and his next few.
My cousin Lexi (fake name) lived a few blocks away . She was younger than me but older than my brother . She was petite and they were about the same size. I knew my brother was growing up because he often for no reason had erections. He said he was constantly was bothered with 30 second erections that came and went all the time. Makes me happy I was born a girl , just thinking about it. So Lexi is over and they play out side and it down pours . They came running in . It was cold my brother said so they run a hot tub and jump in. Mom runs in and they are still dressed in the tub. Well she gets distracted and her and I both go to the barn my brother says. My brother grins and says to Lexi can I see you naked? No she says but thinking it would be cool because she was normally very shy around any one else. My brother takes off his sock and looks a Lexi with a smile. One article at a time they remove items until my brother walks to the door and locks it in his under pants. Giggling my brother has an erection under his briefs . Let me see said Lexi? You first said Teddy. I'll get in trouble if I pull my pants down in front of you said Lexi. Why said Teddy? I promised I wouldn't . Then stand up and I will pull them down . If my Mom or your Mom ask we can say we didn't pull our pants down and be telling the truth. So they pulled each others pants down. I'm unsure of her age but she was around 12 .hay it's been decades . He was a few months younger. They were way younger than me first time. There was some serious touching going on and serious nerve endings tingling. The was no attempt to do any thing but look and touch. Then Lexi wanted to go all the way and Teddy didn't know what that even ment. He said ! I think he knew . Well they tried in the slippery wet tub and her down then up this way and that. He said she sat in his lap and his first time in a girl was up her anus just a little. Well she adjusted and they got it right . She felt no pain the lucky girl and he was all in as he could be in that position. Well success at last said Lexi and they tried face to face and then got out of the tub and did it properly my brother said on the floor. He said it was so sensitive he had to do it real slow.
The next time for him and Lexi was In the barn a couple days later and Lexi was hooked. My brother liked it . But he liked basketball better. Mom asked him point blank . My brother could never lie to mom. He said, I never pulled my pants down , Honest!
My brother admits he pulled my sheets back many times to look at me while I slept .
Well Lexi moved to boyfriends and got busy. Teddy talked the little neighbor girl who was little but at least 15 to give him a try. Well he popped her cherry and they were mostly a daily thing until summer football started . Three months he had sex on demand hiding it from everyone. Go figure .
I never knew for years my brother was such a stud.
Mary Martha Zetta read my stories.
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Isn't it great to share those memories..I love it!

I grew up in a clothing opp home, from toddlers on my sister and I didn't wear much and much of the time nothing. When we were young my sister was much more interested in my parts than I was with hers. She was always amused with a erect penis. She would ask why does your Willie do that? I was always hard in the morning when I had to pee.

My mom told her that happens to boys, it's normal, don't worry about it.

Aren't curious kids wonderful. So was it just looking. What age was it when you started ************?

I don't remember, mabe around 11/12.