Lexi Tells A Story About Her Guidance Teacher In School

Found my cousin Lexi on Facebook after my brothers confession. (Read my stories ) She and I chat forever. She tells me her guidance teacher a woman needed her help. There were boys in school that she needed to talk to that were having emotional problems . I didn't understand she said. Well my brothers was instrumental in removing Lexi's shyness and she was now able to talk to any one and the teacher knew it. Lexi was everyone's friend and liked by teachers and the students. She had the ability to put he arm around you and talk to you and you were comfortable. She sat at lunch and any table she wished and had no group she would hang with. She wasn't overly beautiful and guys didn't shy from her. Well she covertly worked with the guidance teacher and brought her boys who were depressed, and the like and the teacher could then address their issues. This guidance teacher was a blond bomb shell . Busting out at bust line and incredible sexy . The boys couldn't look at her with out lusting after her . There was no way they could talk to her. Lexi would help introduce the boy to her and the teacher would walk around the corner and listen as Lexi would ask questions. They didn't know she was listening as they talked to Lexi .
She is so foxy don't you think ? Lexi would whisper. They would all agree and tell her what a turn on the teacher was. With a body like that I would think she would be good in bed. Yea the boy would say. Depending if they lostened up she would say to the boy. Bet you would like to have your first time with a body like that. This statement some boys would expose if they were virgins or not. Lexi was easy to talk to and few lied to her. Well this broke the Ice and some times Lexi would stay with the boy to help him talk to the teacher. Armed with these few facts the teacher was able to start a conversation . This teacher some how took total losers and changed their whole life for the better. Between sending some to church , tutoring some of them to get better grades , and taking some of the boys virginity , the boys in school were better off than before she came to the school. I asked Lexi are you serious. I sure am . How many who? I promised to never say who . But she would make love to a dozen boys a year . I only know of two years because I graduated. We had 200 boys in my graduating class . The door didn't lock so I put a chair under the door knob and sat on it. I couldn't see from where I sat but I could hear everything. The teacher had to lie a lot Lexi said. She told me things the boys and the teacher would say : Your doing good but my vagina is down here. It's OK if you foreskin doesn't stay back. Your sure this is how it's done? I'm absolutely sure. So women don't like it only men. Lexi had a pillow she had to laugh in when she couldn't hold it back. Lexi realized it was all for a good cause and sex with the teacher was a very desperate case that had no other resolve. So there are some teachers who put it all on the line for the losers . Lexi asked if the teacher liked it and was scolded . I'm helping them ! It's my job to help keep these mixed up boys from ending their lives or committing crimes. I'm proud of what I do. Loving the unloved . Marymarthazetta
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At that hormonal stage my teacher Mrs. Robideaux would keep me after class to help clean the blackboards and so on and she would rub me off. So, there are teachers who really really care

Was she French or Cajun . Or was that her maiden name?
And what do you mean by rub you off..

I think she was Mostly English but married to a Louisiana man. She would ********** me, that's what I meant about her rubbing me off