Valentine Struggle (Advice Needed)

its been a rather long time since i posted here. i am sorry.

Anyways for the past few weeks i have found myself attracted to this girl. though i understand that i shouldnt be even trying to be with a girl during high school i cant stop looking at this girl. (Note if you could care less for the teenage relationship problems this story is not for you) So this girl "S" is in two of my classes. she is rather a nice girl. She is lovely, with the quote from a Zeppelin song (She Got Long Black Wavy Hair)  and she is very intelligent. She seems to not do Homework but gets A's on tests. "I wish i had that talent". So regretfully i found my self kind of "Stare Stalking". She likes to embarrass me jokingly, talk to me ALOT and turns around to face me to talk when she is sitting in front of the class. ex: i said really quietly "i am shy like you" she looks at me and says "what? your attracted to me"? i was so embarrassed i whispered "no"....i started to blush aha. she smile and turned away. so....

i dont know how to interpret some things she says or do. they concern me:

she: constantly (or at least i think) flirts with me.

she: told me she wasnt going to get a Valentine and wished she would. that only her father would get her one???

she: likes to give me attention and make ME laugh while paying no attention to her friend that sits right in front of her.

she: comments how were a good couple

Me: i found out after she wanted a Valentine that she had a bf and i guess lied in a way.

anyways that was the is my  little story.

so it was two days before Valentines Day i found myself scrambling to make or find a Valentine. I decided to make something and put candy in it. (she likes the candy). then Valentines day she didnt come to school. People knew i was going to get someone a Valentine but they didnt know who. Then people ended up FINDING out who it was. People embarrassed me and laughed etc. i am disappointed not just for the girl not showing but how she didnt tell me and how people acted in response. 

Any advice on what i should do? i think i should stay away from this girl but its difficult to.
i know it was a bad story in detail, length and description but i have limited time right now. if anyone can help that would be very helpful and kind!!

zosozeppelin95 zosozeppelin95
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2013