Scared I'm not making the right choices
Scared I'm in to deep
Scared of loving to much
Scared of not being loved
Scared of death
Scared of life
Scared you will leave me broken
Scared of not be able to bring another life in this word.
Scared you not loving me because I can't get pregnant.
Scared of disappointing you
Scared of life without You
Scared of your mother
Scared of my past
Scared of our future
Scared for you to find out I lied
Scared of being myself
Scared I'm going to snap on our sister in-laws
Scared that our relationship isn't strong enough
Scared that I'm already losing you
Scared that I don't like who some members of our family have become
Scared my heart isn't big enough
Scared of failing
Scared of love

This is what I'm afraid of.what are you afraid of?
fallenrach fallenrach
1 Response Feb 18, 2013

life is to live, not fear living it, just as life is to short to hate, so don't hate life. In life there are positive and negative experiences, might not like all the lessons but we learn from them all---that is how we gain our wisdom and our truth. Don't deceive yourself or anyone else and don't let negatives define you, let the positive truth of your love radiate your being. My fears are like yours---just have to realize that is not who you are all the time, just when the feeling of insecurity shows itself and then you have to focus on and appreciate the power of your truth---the power of your love---good people do good things.

well said