On The Back Seat Of The Motorcycle

I visited Vietnam in the late 60's with my family . We walked or rode bikes everywhere it was faster than driving in town. I got to ride on the back of one of their motorcycles which I thought went fast back then. Daddy drove it was exciting and my mother was behind me. No helmets no seat belts in a very crowded traffic pattern with few rules.
A few years later I was on the back of a chopper with a boyfriend. My seat was taller than his and I was taller than him . I looked like a giant skinny girl behind him. His head was almost below my bust line. We had helmets and it was the funniest thing. Up so high I got all the bugs. It was a norton chopper from the UK . Wish I had a picture of us riding . Marymarthazetta
Marymarthazetta Marymarthazetta
56-60, F
Apr 26, 2013