Love Can Equal Hate If You Aren't Careful.

I fell hard for a man that I thought was close to perfect. I gave it my all. All my energy, love, heart, soul. Everything. I thought things were perfect and we'd be together forever. I was wrong. He left 1 month ago and I haven't heard from him since. Now I'm stuck with a 1 year lease in an apartment I can't afford alone. Hate isn't a good word to describe the way I feel towards this man, but its close. Especially since hes now with my best friend. Love hurts.
<3 Alicia
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Well I know how u feel this guy I really loved left me not saying nothing then my good friend stopped talking to me cause she was with him. Don't worry you'll get threw this

That sux. Maybe a roommate to help subsidize your rent?

that sucks...I know how you feel. You give everything of yourself for the relationship and they could not care less. I know exactly how you feel. At this point I stuggle because I still care yet I hate her at the same time. I guess that is what happens when you put your heart out there. <br />
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BUT, if you do not do that, then how will you know when the right one comes along. Guess i will just keep getting hurt till i find the right one.<br />
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Good luck to you. You are not alone.

that is so right -- that crazy cycle of hating, caring, hating, caring and it doesn't end. i hope it ends soon with indifference.

its too sad ......lov always experience.but surely ul get ur true lov

Look I know that you are hurt. But believe me when i say this. And it is so, so, True. What goes around comes around. Be patient and you will see.

that really sucks. some best friend, not. i hope it gets better.

My boyfriend left a week ago to drop off a child support payment to his little boy's mom, and hasn't returned. I have seen also got stuck with a lease, so I know what it's like. On top of everything else, I lost my job, so I really don't know what I am going to do. Wish you all the luck in the world.