There Are So Many Things That I Do Actually Love

Love in itself is amazing. Especially if it's being "in love". Well, at least if it's mutual. Love can be simple and free. It can be complicated and confusing. I've experienced many sides of love and being in love. The worst love is abuse (any kind). They say they love you, but it's the getting away with treating you bad that they love. So so sad but true. Although I have been hurt many times, I'm not really sorry. They have been learning experiences. Those experiences in which we learn are the most valuable. This little bit is all I have to reflect on at this time. I may elaborate more at a later time. Just putting in my two cents worth right now.

silvermystics silvermystics
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2 Responses Jul 8, 2007

Love is the most wonderful of feelings (well not abusive love) can get us into a whole heap of trouble lol..but ..I would rather love and shed a few tears along the way,then not love. I feel we are here on this planet to love (not just man woman love)<br />
But love between two people ,the full whole give it all love,accept as is love..well thats a feeling never to be missed and makes me glad to be human :))

Love comes in many forms. You can recieve love in many ways. Love can come to you from someone closeby or far away, to experience pure true love must be amazing, something I have experienced but unfortunatly had to let it go.