The Small Things That Make It Worth It.

I have a habit of getting into the teedious daily life. Same ol' sam ol'. doing the same ol' same ol' everyday makes the good things that happen that much better...the small things that make it worth it all.

Normally at night before me and my husband head to bed and after my son has gone to sleep, we sit and do our own things...much like we are right at the computer him playing his game. I don't mind it, it is nice to be comfortable enough with someone just to sit in a room together and not think twice about know how it is when you meet someone new, you feel like you have to talk or SOMETHING because the silence is  just too uncomfortable...with my husband it is just the opposite. We don't feel a need to constantly talk or entertain each other, it is just nice to have each other. So comforting to know that he is here with me, and I him.

Tonight though was a bit different...well the whole day to be exact...I cleaned and reorganised some things that really needed it and he was off with our son....this evening we watched a movie together. nothing big but it was great. Especially the little silly moment we had just moments ago before I sat down to my computer.... I went to kiss him and I didn't realize he had a mouth full of chicken nuggets! So here I am standing over him waiting to kiss him while he chewed and chewed trying to get to a point that I could kiss him was really hard though because we were both laughing about it...and I was teasing him about his "chicken breath". I know that it is really silly, but it is just a reminder of how much in love we still are after almost 6 years together and a lot of BS ...that we could just laugh together like that. These little moments, no matter how silly, really make it all worth it.

Without my other half I would be lost, we balance each other...though it does cost us at times, like argueing about things,  it is well worth it. In the end of every fight we are best friends again....sometimes things don't fully get resolved but at that moment we have gotten to a point where it can be. It is just the way we have learned to talk to each other. We were ment for each other, I have no doubt about that. ...and as we always say to each other "who else would put up with you?" (joking of course).

My marriage has gone through hard times....but we stuck it out and reaped the benifits in so many ways!

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1 Response Jul 8, 2007

what a beautiful testimony to a loving relationship.I hope he ate them nuggets quick :))x