I Release All the Pain of the Past


and welcome the health, joy, and success that are mine to claim.


All things are possible through love. Love is working in me to heal me and strengthen me, To calm me and guide me to peace...

I will be patient.....

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Dee67 and dianaspy5!<br />
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Thank you for your answers!

kirche: I have been given a simple advice before and have followed it as much as I can. So the advice is STAY AWAY FROM NEGETIVE PEOPLE. If they dont believe in love then they have no compassion. Be yourself and never give up on Love, because its what keeps us alive.....LAUGH, smile is another key in life and it nourishes the soul too......<br />
Good luck!<br />
and I want in on the (((group Hug too!)))))<br />

((Hugs)) Diana :)<br />
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Kirsche.. sounds like a difficult situation. If they don't believe in love, they are indeed poor, for love is the greatest source of all riches, I say! Perhaps you can feel bad for them, for something must have happened to them to make them this way. You need to do what you have to, to protect yourself, but try to approach it with as much compassion as possible, is my advice.<br />
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Trailguide.. so lovely, yes! 'giving it to ourselves first unleashes it's healing power'.. and other powers the universe has to offer as well, perhaps :)<br />
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(((Group hug!!)))

What a beautiful story :) Love heals all....and giving it to ourselves first unleashes it's healing power.

I want a piece of advice.<br />
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What if people don't believe in Love? If they continue to say unpleasant things about you? How can I change my perception? What can I do in that situation?

Yes Dee, please use these words of faith...I wish you love and peace too....Love you<br />
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Thank you Mr. P......You are right I will, and I am little by little.....<br />
Hugs to you both....

you will be fine Diana your a strong woman and you will prevail.

Beautiful, my friend. I could adopt these very words for my own :)