Maybe One Day.........

Love is what makes me feel alive.  I'm a Libra and one of the characteristics of being one is to love being in love.  Yes, there have been people who I gave my heart to too soon and ended up breaking it.  Despite the pain, short-lived love is better than not loving at all.  I love passionately and obsessively.  From the moment I open my eyes and the moment I close them to go to sleep, when I'm in love all I can do is think about that person.  Thoughts of the one I love puts a smile on my face.  The last person I truly loved, I thought would be the last one.  I married him.  Somehow, when I was't looking, he feel out of love with me.  In all the years we were together, there wasn't a day that passed by that I didn't say "I love you" or show him that I loved him but yet in the end it just wasn''t good enough.  It would be easy to have hate and bitterness in my heart.  But that would be toxic and will kill off my soul.  Maybe one day...just one day...someone will come along, sweep me off my feet and love me the way I"ve always dreamed of being loved. 

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Someday.... Someday.... Think a lot of us have those wishes.....

That's beautiful.