My Only

I loved you and still do. Its a bond that seems that it could never be broken.. your depth and your passion always bring me back. I have been through so much with you and it seems I would always stay. I dont know how you managed to get me like you did , because no one else could / can even remotely. Its a constant battle though.. I hurt you and I know you had this idea of this perfect relationship and I messed that up, but thats not reality . Relationships are imperfect and I want that with you because its perfect for me. I just know that after you broke up with me things changed a lot and it seems you care one minute, then leave, then come back. I dont know if your just looking for me as your 'supply', but I genuinely love you and it hurts a lot. I know you used to love me, no matter what anyone says, but I cant seem to get it out of my head that you could stop. I just wish you knew it was okay to be yourself around me... I love you for you. Loving a Narcissist is very hard to deal with emotionally especially when you have BPD
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1 Response May 17, 2012

i cant understand this from the other stand point . im a npd . read my storys