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WHY!?!? why did they have to stop making the best show ever??!! some people are weird & crazy... anyways I think ricky is really cool but I seem more like Emma and Cleo is kinda annoying but still awesome :p
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They should find new people I adore that show

It got cancelled because the tittle had a last show.

Well ive watched all of them and loved them

They cancelled it because the girls got to old. And some of them got offers to be in other movies and shows. You can watch all the season episodes for free at letmewatchthis.com

i found out the other day that they show H2O sometimes on teen nick (bright house channel 133) hope that helps

I love the show. I have had a facination with mermaids from the time i knew what they were. there arent alot of books and movies out there so this is a real bummer i wish they would bring it back and air it in america. I heard there was going to be a movie but alot of people dont seem to think that was true.Hopefully someone will see how amazing the show was.

They canceled it because some of the actresses have gotten other shows, like Phoebe she's in this new show called the secret circle, seems like it will be good.

I luv the show and i agree w/ bunniac13 cleo is annoying

ikr i LOVE it!!

It is on instant queue because I'm almost finished with season 3. It's a greaaaattttttt show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mmm I havnt seen that one... but the good thing is they have all the shows on netflix =)

I'm watching it right now on Netflix :p