Dollhouse was an amazing show. I love that the last episode or two each season was a glimpse into the future, so even though it was canceled it wasn't a total loss. I just really would love to know all the in-betweens. I still haven't bought the seasons yet, but they're on my wishlist, along with the BtVS and A:ts series. I don't see any way for the show to be continued so I'm trying to stop wanting it to continue. That's not working out so well, but watching the series again and again isn't too bad.

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I loved dollhouse too! I'm surprised it wasn't better received! I thought it was pretty ingenious on a number of levels.

Same! It was really great. I guess it came out before the majority of people were ready? If it came out now I think more people would watch it. Maybe. I`d hope.

i here that the rating system sometimes is just messed up. or maybe we just have better taste than other people.

Grr Argh

I wish we could like things more than once. Haha. (: