My Ode To A Not So Greener Glastonbury

Greetings Truthers on this day of your time
yes you have guessed it another rhyme
been away, at pilton for the first time
and i witnessed loads of love and crimes
in equal measure, but what a treasure

The festival itself was really special
seemed like everyone was set up in hours
to party their arse off for the weekend
Though i was one of the priveledged ones
the place to myself in tuesday's afternoon sun

before it was invaded by chav's and hippies
and wannabe's, and all those prat's off the TV
and 195,000 people, dont half leave a mess
and this was my job, on the recycling crew
emptying bins, keeping the place tidy too

but the punters helped make it a special place
normally chav's, I don't want to share space
but these were nice, wanted to get you drunk
get laid, whatever, but were no danger
whatsoever, just wanted to party harder

the other half of the crowd were hippies
or wannabe ones for the weekend, but as
i explained to a middle aged rich couple
a hippy is for life not just for Pilton, as their
twin daughters had dreads for the weekend

People asked me which bands I would see
but didnt look at a line up, just carefree
and bouncing around pilton, so much love
in one place you will just never see
and Stevie Wonder, wow what a party

But the highlight of the lot was 2 days after
a sing song and bongo players on the main stage
then we all sang 'give peace a chance'
then i was so priveledged to witness
the most amazing alien light show ever

But it was after the festi that wrecked
my inner peace just a little bit, on the bins
i personally landfilled lots of good stuff
still perfect, brand new sofas, hundreds of tents
blankets, wellies, thrown away like used tampax

one lad on the tractors, tried to save some blankets
for welfare, got punched and the sack
the recycling run by thug Nazi's sadly
but had to bite the bullet as needed the money
the greener glasto they preach: They are lying

But i will work it next year for sure, as with no
glasto in 2012, and the age of evil beyond
I really do not want to miss the last one
or miss any of my wonderful new traveller friends
Love you brother to Spyderz from Hawkwind

You see I have been playing 'hunt the hippy'
like the game played by a middle aged family
though without Damian from Bristol, the TAT king
a traveller too, I just wouldn't be at glastonbury
did my own MORI style poll, to find out who

stands the best chance in the coming years
figured traveller types would be doing ok
how wrong i was, caused me much dismay
their heads are in much smaller boxes
to those people on any old council estate
Adam Sandler, Waterboy, the DEBIL, us straights

love in your heart? you must go to glasto
but please don't go as a punter, queue for hours
handball weeks worth of food and booze for miles
if you can afford the high price for a ticket
PM me, have worked out some ways to get in

and spread the message of love and truth
as well as get delivery passes to ensure
your back isn't broken before
the love event of the century
and the last one, next year, just maybe

and with a little help and some big trucks
perhaps we can save some of the good stuff
Me and hundreds, put into a dump truck
a years worth of propane you can have
all that waste made me just so sad
41-45, M
Jul 15, 2010