My Very First Love

Back in the ice age when i was a wee bit younger. lol

my first year of high school, i met what seem to me then the most beautiful girl in the world.

we were totally in love with each other. we were unseperable.

but then after her sophmore year her parents moved, it broke our hearts and we were to young to run away together.

we wrote to each other just about everyday i would get letters from her. (ice age) mailman. lol

as time went on we just stop writing as often and then maybe once a week, we both met other people and fell in love again i guess.

i ran into her like eight years later, she had gotten married and had two children and was seperated at the time.

we had a fling you might say for a few months, but it just wasn't the same that spark that i always had when i would see her.

i  didn't see her the way i did when i was younger.

That was my only true love of my life.

51-55, M
Aug 6, 2010