Although I am a very private person I used to love sunbathing nude and skinnydipping when no one was around. Our swimming pool is very secluded and not visible from the street or even from the neighbours yard.
So on this hot Saturday afternoon I was all alone and decided to relax in and around the pool. I undressed inside the house and thought it was quite OK to leave my clothes inside. It was really a scorcher of a day and every time I got too hot I dipped into the water to cool off. Occasionaly I walked around the back garden inspecting the flower beds.

I was almost in the furthest corner of the yard when I heard someone entering the front gate. I instantly knew I wouldn't get to safety without being spotted. I hastily looked around and saw the dog kennel not too far way, so I dashed over and crept inside....totally nude off course..Luckily we had a big dog so I could fit inside the kennel easily without being noticed.

I realised that the visitor was our neighbour, and after not being let in the front door after she had rung the bell, she decided to walk around to the back yard to see if there was any activity.

I could hear her walking and whisteling softly. She must have realised someone was home as the back door was standing open. She knocked and then slowly entered the house.

I thought this was my time to find a safer haven as the sweat was now dripping from me in the kennel and decided my towel lying next to the pool would be my rescue. I popped my head out the kennel to see if it was safe to jolt to the pool....just to look face into the neighbour who popped her head into the kennel.

Till this day I'm not sure who was the most surprised, but I really wished I was a dog at that instant. I slowly crawled out the kennel on all fours (like a dog) and although Carol pretended not to look, I could feel her eyes taking it all in. With my hands covering my privates I walked across to get my towel, but she beat me to it and handed it to me shyly. I could she she tried her best not to burst out laughing, and she probably would have if she didnt excuse herself and left. This was probably the worst experience of my life, and as for Carol, we did see much more of each other and spent time together in our birthday suits. but that is a story for another day.
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We do too, where do you swim?