Sure, it may have been 18 years ago, but I still can recall the feelings I had for 9 months.

I've never felt healthier, alive or invigorated that way since.  Every passing day my body made it's own changes.  I always looked forward to tomorrow.  My hand was locked in a small circular motion of soothing and attachment. I sang softly and walked on feathers.  My 'inny' belly button turned into an outtie!  My snug fitting clothing showed it like a turkey that was done.  I would smile that pregnant smile. I had a headset that I would place on my belly and play Elton John and classical music.  I thought I was prepared.  The nursery was set, the diapers purchased.  I had done all the new Mommy stuff and then some.

45 minutes of not hard labor and there he was.  A crinkled, pruned up, cone headed unfamiliar life.  His Dad quickly counted the fingers and toes and gave me a big ole thumbs up!

I had cancer all the while I was pregnant and never showed a sign or a clue.  I was never again to bare another child.

Frooty Frooty
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3 Responses Apr 17, 2008

Congratulations on your blessing from God. Pregnancy was a wonderful experience (:

Thank you. In the long run, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and am extremely thankful for the opportunity to bare my child.<br />
Although, lol, when I was pregnant, I had a few flash backs from the movie 'Alien!'

Sorry about the cancer and not being able to bare another. That is sad. <br />
<br />
I remember all the details of pregnancy too. Its so amazing to feel the baby moving. At first it was weird, strange and felt alien having something move like that but its a very wonderful and amazing time for a woman.