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I don't know why I ended watching Billy Jack clips on You Tube tonight. Maybe it's because my mom is dying and I'm looking for something I found meaning in.  The film "Billy Jack" came out in 1971 and I was 12 or so.  I was already primed - having been listening to folk music protest songs for years by then (thank you, Bob Dylan).  I had a lot more social consciousness than most 12 year olds.  So I saw the film and it changed my life - made me want to make a real difference in the world.   I look at it now, at a time when I'm sure I'm trying to find meaning, and it still inspires me to stand up against injustice.  And injustice, sadly, never goes out of style.  The message of the film is anti-racist, anti-greed - and it's very relevant today.  We who fight these things sometimes get discouraged.  Greed and hatred so often seem to have the upper hand.  But we have to keep fighting.  All victories count, even the small ones. We are all mortal and I guess I'm very aware of that mortality right now.  I'd like to be able to look back, when I reach the end, and feel I'd contributed somehow.  Billy is my hero. If you haven't seen the film, see it.  Yes, it's dated.  But the message never goes out of style.  To quote Martin Luther King, Jr. "we can learn to live together as brothers or die together as fools."  To quote the theme song, "One Tin Soldier" from Billy Jack:

"go ahead and hate your neighbor
go ahead and cheat a friend
do it in the name of heaven
you can justify it in the end
there won't be any trumpets blowing
come the judgement day
on the bloody morning after
one tin soldier rides away"

peace out
imabear imabear
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I love that song!!! Still have on cassette. I just love it!!!

OMG, I love that Movie also! I watched it growing uo with my parents! You are the first person that has knowledge of that movie! The Theme song is available on youtube!

I am so sorry to hear that your mum is dying imabear. I hope you have someone to support you while you support your mum.

I havent seen or heard about this film but will Google it now

Thank you. I am lucky to be surrounded by loved ones.

I'd never even heard of it but will be sure to check it out now. And you are right ; no matter how small our victories seem , they all count in the end.

Peace always.

It was an independent film (low budget) picked up by Warner Bros. Tom Laughlin (who created and played Billy) is an active leftist to this day (he is 81 years old I think). There were, I think, 3 films. "Billy Jack" and the sequel "Trial of Billy Jack" being the main ones. The gist of the film is Billy and Jean (who runs a "freedom school" in Arizona) fighting the racism against Native Americans. Jean is a pacifist while Billy (a half white, half Native American ex Green Beret with advanced marital arts skills) has no trouble killing the bad guys. Together they fight the hatred and racism in the Arizona town. I love it still. I think I saw it about 20 times at the theater back them. It made a powerful impression.

In the opening scene, Billy is chasing the "bad guys" who are rounding up wild horses on Indian land - to shoot them and sell the meat to dog food factories. One of the bad guys is a deputy. Billy says "when policemen break the law, then there is no law. Only a fight for survival.".

It looks really good. Love the quote too. :)