Gerbers Were The Greatest

when i really first started wearing diapers and plastic pants myself it was the gerber plastic pants you could get.  at that time in my [teens] i was very small.  did not know anything about adult diapers or plastic pants, so had to use toddler size.  i could just fit into gerber toddlers plastic pants.  it was a very tight fit but i managed.  there was always something about having the diaper on then pulling out the gerbers.  they had a feel, a smell and a comforting pressing the diaper up against the body, i will never forget it.  that feeling you get of total safety, of belonging, of being loved, of total satisfaction.  that was the feeling i got from pulling on a pair of gerber plastic pants.  now that i am older and have discovered adult plastic pants, there is still that rush of pulling up a pair of plastic pants but not the same as the gerbers.  so i guess i can still say i love those gerber plastic pants.    

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

yes, gerbers were the best, ive found some that are close but still not the same

Yes I remember when I had my gerber plastic pants. I was a teen in the mid 70s. They were great.<br />
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yes i wear em all love btoo be in em feel so good