Amazed Me.

My dad showed me the very first GITS movie when I was really little. It was in Japanese and I thought it was the most coolest film ever! I love GITS Stand Alone Complex. The characters are well written, I absolutely love the CGI opening for season one. (plus the opening song). Major Motoko is a pretty badass character and I love her to death. The robot thingys (not sure how to spell it, Tachkoma?) are sooo cute!!

So I got to learn a little Japanese when I was little. I might even do a cosplay of Motoko for an upcoming anime convention..

I own GITS season 1 on dvd and want season 2. Plus need to see the newest films (The Laughing Man and the other one...)

Anyways, I love GITS it was one of my childhood anime shows ^___^
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

GITS was 1 of 3 reasons i got into anime the other 2 being Pokemon and DBZ I loved it :)

Yeah, it's a pretty good anime(: Pokemon was amazing!