Maybe I'm getting old fashioned. But for me a least the 80's were iconic. It was kind of a transition between music and styles. We as teenagers were troublemakers. But not really hurtful either. I remember my first car at 17. It was a piece of crap, but my friends thought I was the man because nobody else had a car! Not even a radio in it! Just the boom box in the back seat. Cruising was always a great time. We met in different parking lots as groups. There was an innocents we seemed to have, that by today's standards we really didn't know much. No video games, cell phones, internet. We were forces to use our imaginations.
Okay I am now done taking my trip down memory lane!
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lol.... just brought back a whole bunch o' memories... *grins*

Good ones I hope!

Please don't stop walking down memory lane. We actually participated in life (made lots of questionable decisions gratefully before snapchat and the internet) instead of face timing or skype with a friend. Can you imagine your kids knowing how to operate a rotary dial phone or change a tv using a dial (before the remote was invented)? And yes...don't forget the hair...

I loved my childhood and teenage years in the 80s. Miss those times so much. Wish I could go back and start my life from there again

My 1st car was a 59 VW!That was in 76. I turned 20 in 80.I think that was the last decade of really good music.