Have You Ever Been To A Swing Party ?

Have you ever been to a swing party? The one where you can **** anybody, and don’t be too surprised if you are ******* a girl and her husband is watching you…

When I came to the party, I didn’t pay any attention to you. You were far away, in company of our good friend Angelina, who is my best girlfriend. Then Angelina comes to me, takes me by hand and we go to the remote room on the second floor with a big mat in the middle. But I did notice how shy you looked. You were dressed in some modest way, unlike other chicks in the house who have come here wearing their best sluttish dresses. All of these married couples appeared here to **** and get ******. Anyway, you don’t like them, all of these busty ***** of different age are wandering about picking up someone’s hubbies and boyfriends. It is only you who is sitting quietly on the couch and looking around with your big beautiful eyes. You are wearing black night dress, you have a great make up and a good hairy style. You look so magnetic and lovely! A type of women I always liked.

Your husband was also here, looking around and talking to some ladies. Then he disappeared, but don’t worry, he was taken back by Nancy, the hot blonde **** who had met you at the door. I saw him with her later. When Angelina and I emerged from our secret room, the party was in full swing. Most people were naked throughout the house. You were watching **** on the big screen and also dropping looks on what couples were doing almost everywhere. I noticed you watching me while Huanna (my new partner) sucked my ****, and you gave me a nervous shy smile when our eyes met. Huanna noticed our exchange, she also saw you were still alone and still clothed. I nodded to her when she looked at you, and we walked over to you.

So here we are, looking at one another. My hands on your hips, you hands grabbing my massive huge hard-on. You tell me quietly how nervous you are. I tell you that it is really OK and things gonna be fine. I tell you to let it all go and get things as they are. Huanna is on her knees, still trying to suck on my ****. At this moment there comes a new guy and he is delighted with the good blow job Huanna is doing to me. He takes her by hand, and she follows him. We watch them move upstairs to be in private. Huanna has now been with me, but I didn’t give anything to her, so she needed some **** now. On the terrace of the second floor there are a few low tables with seats around, Huanna lowered herself onto one of them, and he kneeled between her knees and you can see him guiding his big fat **** into the **** of the woman, whose names you don’t even know. But when you see the pleasure in Huanna’s eyes, your breathing become heavy and I can see your breast heave gradually.

Then you look down at what your hands are doing to my ****, then up at my smiling face. I tell you to go slow, not to miss a thing. We kiss and you quickly become so ******* horny, revealing the real woman that sits deep inside of you! You are still dressed, but my hands are inside your dress now, and under your panties, fondling your hard round ***. You turn your back to me, and look at Huanna and her partner, who are now engaged in some tumultuous sex session. It looks like they are speeding up with every thrust, now they are locked together, her heels clasped at his ***, their lips locked as well in a passionate kiss.

Our eyes finally meet again, and your nerves have been replaced with eagerness. I say that your hubby has already been having fun with you and that it is a good idea to show him what a dirty **** you can be as well. You are in doubts, still grabbing my pulsing ****, and say irresolutely that it can be a good idea. So it is our turn to go somewhere. Now your cloths are dropped down on top of your hubby’s clothes on the floor. Now you are naked and let me give compliment to the great and gorgeous body you have! Neatly shaved *****, not large but still perky **** with pink nipples, round tight ***.

Now we are on the couch. The door to the room is open and there appears your husband, holding a glass of wine in hand. He looks in and smiles, as if checking if everything goes fine with his lovely wife. I can see that slutty fire in his eyes, and I recall myself being on his turn, but just a few years ago. It was when I saw Thomas **** his **** into Lianna after we had been married over five years. I didn’t want to be intrusive, but I didn’t want to miss a thing! Now your adoring husband is at the same feeling, he is there, watching this stranger (ME) enjoying every line of your gorgeous body, caressing your curves so tenderly and with much love. Like Lianna, you came to me a virgin, and you are surprised to learn you are not the only woman who is at the same position on this day. Now I am gonna teach you to learn to **** for your own pleasure and passion. The next time you **** him, he will **** a woman, not his wife.

You know the moment is very close, and when my **** will part your lips and you will feel a new man enter you, you would forget any doubts! I can feel you tighten, as if expecting pain. But you relax when I don’t rush. I do it very slowly. Now I lift your knees to my chest so that we both can look down at where my **** is nursing your *****. You watch down and your eyes open wide when you see my **** sliding in and out of you slowly.

Now this is the time! My hands are embraced by your knees, so your hands slip between your thighs and grab my ****. You part your legs even further and then you guide my **** deeper in your *****, letting it penetrate to where only your husband has been recently allowed to go! You have me all now, and after a pause, we are stroking slowly. I try to lean forward to kiss you and feel you body against mine. I pick you up by your *** cheeks and easily put you down in the good old missionary. You giggle at me, and I lift your *** so that to shove a cushion under. Then I just take a pause to feel every inch of your body pressing against me, to kiss your lips. And with the first stroke and thrust of my ****, you now let it all go, the only thing that matters is animal lust and the need to give each other this ****! The first thrust brings your gasp and clenching to my shoulders, the second thrust brings much deeper gasp from you and your knees get tight around my waist. At this point our teeth are locked together, you are probing my tongue with yours! You whisper into my ear to go on further and not to stop! When you ***, you *** hard and so ******* vehemently, I can feel your legs surrounded and locked around my back! Then you are laughing wildly into my ear when as the first ****** starts to subside. We can both feel that your ****** is letting you go very slowly. Then some wild beast noises start escaping my mouth, I lose control and feeling of myself, you tell me to ***, I pull out immediately, within a second and splash drops of heavy very hot *** all over your body! I can see first torrent of *** landing right across your lovely face! You grab my **** and help me with ******* my *** out! ***, again and again……

…..After what seems like the eternity, we have rolled over right on the floor. You are still holding my hard **** in your hand, but you have your legs together between mine. You press your nose to mine, and then you bite my lips naughtily. Then you go loose, letting my **** slide off your hand. Your hubby is standing near by, he moves closer, you reach out to grab his ****, pull him closer to you and give him a thanking kiss. When we look around we can see the whole crowd we have attracted. The whole party has left what they have been doing centered around us. All of them are nude, some women are covered with dried ***, some people are still glistening with sweat. I can see by admiring looks that you are going to be a popular girl.

Finally you got the taste! Soon I watch you ******* and sucking with tons of men, and see you have found your side.

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