Wife Takes 4 Ready And Willing *****

The husband gets to watch his lovely wife getting ****** by four men, he really enjoys the show and even decides to be a part of it…

This story is true. I think it deserves much of applauses. My wife Manuella, was 19 when we got married and I was her first man. Manuella is a tall blonde with an awesome breasts and a firm round ***. After 2 years I talked her into having swing fun and we had done it for a few times. This continued for about 3 years. She never protested when we discussed a ********* and I knew she wanted to try 2 *****. Finally while we were playing one day she suddenly said to call our friend Harry, who was a frequent guest in our house, especially in times when he had some troubles. That surprised me a lot, as she had never shown any attraction to him. However, I didn’t want to lose such an opportunity, I called him and he was arrived as soon as it was possible. There we had about dozen of ********** with him for the following entire year.

Once I was sent to the business appointment, so let me tell you about happened when I returned from a two-week trip. During the trip Manuella and I spoke on phone frequently and it always came around to how badly we wanted each other. As the first week ended she was telling me how horny she was and I asked did she want to fulfill her fantasy of having three men. To my surprise she did not even hesitate and replied:

“Right now I could take more than 3 *****! I laughed and said: “Oh really” and my mind got the idea to make this happen upon my return. The next day I decided to call Harry to know what he thought about arranging something for her. I made the call he said that Manuella had called him the night before and had requested him to make arrangements. It seemed she had an idea what was about to happen. The guys were all single and we often had parties with them: she knew some of them liked ******* girls together when they picked up those ***** in the night clubs. Now I knew how she had fantasized about them. She had given Harry a list of 4 guys she was interested in inviting for a weekend at our house. The conversation got me so hot that I told Harry it would be a great fun to get all of them having party, not only 2.

I spoke to him the night before and he told me all four guys would make it. Harry went to our house to be there while Manuella picked me up from the airport. I was flying knowing my wife was meeting me and knowing she was going to do it with four ***** that night. I was excited the entire flight. Finally we landed and soon I saw her standing there wearing a raincoat. She did it not because it was going to rain but because I suspected she wore nothing under the coat. We hugged and she whispered in my ear:

“I have a surprise for you.” I said:

“You mean you have nothing on under your raincoat. I’m not surprised.” She just smiled and said:

“Guess again.”

It took us about half an half an hour to get home by car. I knew she was hot. I started rubbing her leg and moved to upper but she stopped me and said I could not touch until we got home. Then she opened her coat and exposed her nipples popping out of a new bra. She started rubbing her nipples and telling me how horny she was and how she wanted to be a naughty girl tonight. Then she reached down and started fingering her ***** shoving her fingers under the crotch panties. I could hear her fingers making squelching sounds. She continued to play with herself and gave me her fingers to suck on but would not allow me to touch her. I hoped that she was ready. Just prior to arriving at the house she asked me if I wanted to hear about her surprise. I nodded and she told me that she had invited Harry to join us for the evening and that he was at the house waiting for us. I smiled and told her that I was glad as I really felt like sharing her that night.

The plan was to have all guys in the sitting room naked and I would bring her in from the garage. We entered the house passed to the living room. I had her in my arms nude and was fingering her. Just then Harry walked into the room and joined us without a word. She moaned as he reached from behind and caressed her nipples. Manuella moved onto the couch, I quickly got on my knees and started licking her neatly shaved *****. Harry had his **** in her mouth and she was sucking him like I had never seen before. After a few minutes we stopped and she looked at Harry and asked him if everything was arranged. He smiled and said he had everything under control. Harry then announced that he had all the guys sitting in the hall. I got up but Manuella stopped me and sent Harry ahead. Everyone took something to drink while Harry turned on the ****. Manuella made a walk around the room kissing all the guys deeply and letting them play with her breasts, *** and *****. She then settled on the couch between Harry and me placing her legs on the coffee table and spread them. We all started watching the movie as it began to heat us up.

Harry had made and excellent choice; he picked a ******** movie and the action was hot right from the start. The movie showed on a **** taking on 6 guys and then suddenly an evil smile played on her Manuella’s lips! I think she realized she was that women and I swear I saw her ***** start dripping. She looked around and her eyes stopped on Franky, a hot Italian stud. She told him to come over and eat her ***** and then she told Sam to bring her his ****. No need to say they rushed to her and before long she was moaning with Sam’s **** whereas Franky was working on her ***** with his tongue. She lifted her *** off the coach and told Franky to take her panties off. And then she told the rest of us to get involved. She alternated between sucking and ************ us while each of us was eating her or getting sucked. This could last long and soon she was all covered with our ***.

We all sat back and then she told us that she planned to **** each one of us while the others watched. The one who would last longest without ******* could **** her for an hour alone in the bedroom. She then climbed onto the mat and asked George to join her first. This lasted for about an hour. Each of us was taking turns with her while the others watched, cheered, drank or watched more ****. I was the 4th and her ***** had never felt better. The feeling of her freshly shaved ****** ***** and the fact that she was my wife and was totally being a **** suppressed any way to win the battle and **** her alone. In the end, Harry won the chase, and after she rested for a while she got up and told him to follow her

Harry returned at the end of the hour and told me that Manuella was resting and wanted a shower. She also wanted to make sure that nobody left. In fact the message meant he would never be invited back again who leaves when she returned. Franky and Sam laughed and said that they did not need to go pick up ladies tonight to have fun anyway. We settled down played some cards and had a couple of beers. The rest of the weekend was like a blur. Manuella spent time with each of the guys alone. She ****** with us in groups and generally played the real street ****. She swallowed *** having ***** all over her body, even on hair and got her ******** eaten for the first time. In the end of this wanton weekend, nearly each of us ate her ***** after she had someone else’s *** inside and nobody complained! By Sunday afternoon she lost count on how many ******** and ***** she had experienced. Manuella confessed having enjoyed every minute of it.

She stood at the door and kissed each of the guys, saying goodbye and thanked them for making her fantasy *** true. They all thanked her and told her they were hers anytime. This experience was her only ******** but we still talk about it all the time and she gets so wet while talking.

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Mar 4, 2010