She Loves ***......

The wife just loves sucking on ***** and there’s nothing better for her than to feel sticky, gooey *** running down her throat, her husband’s *** is never enough and she has to beg his friends to donate…

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My name is Tatyana and this is a story about a fantastic experience I had about juts 6 years ago. This is not kind of kinky pervert story but it does really turn me on! I’m an orally obsessed, exhibitionist housewife in Moscow, Russia. You know, there is something about the taste and the gooey picture of fresh hot *** that I absolutely love, and that’s why my favorite activity is sucking guys ***** and swallowing all their creamy *** while my husband Peter watches it. I just can’t get enough of ***, and one of the best experiences I have ever had to satisfy my lust and hunger for fresh mess *** is that ******* hot session. Or I would call it adventure, with Michael, my husband’s best friend. I’m not actually a **** wife cuckolding her husband. I love him and do love very much, but I’m kind of exhibitionist, so it makes me easy to hang out with someone even if my husband’ doesn’t know it. Well, he doesn’t mind at all.

As part of our wedding gift, that just happened when this guy had recently got married, so I agreed to provide free entertainment at Michael’s stag night. It was held in a small basement banquet room at a local restaurant, and there were 15 guys there including Peter. I wore a nice nurse’s outfit that had a sheer white top that showed off my big, dark nipples, and it had a very short skirt which made it very obvious that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

For a while I just walked around bringing guys drinks and hors d’oeuvres, as they called the appetizer, and when I walked around, they would grab my **** or finger my *****. It was not painfull or disgusting, I really enjoyed the show and was in a mood to go on. It wasn’t long before I was so horny that ***** juice was running down my thighs, so I told them to put a chair in the middle of the room and for the Michael to have a seat. As soon as he sat down, I knelt in front of him, undid his belt, unzipped him and pulled his pants to the floor. Then I hungrily started sucking his ****! The rest of the guys gathered around to watch, and some of them pulled out their ***** and started stroking. I warned them to stop because I wanted their *** in my mouth! They all cheered me and applauded. It took the groom about 7 minutes to shoot out a big load down my throat, and then the next guy took his seat.

To make a long story short, after about 3 hours I had managed to suck off all 15 guys and swallow every delicious drop of ***. It tasted really amazing, I could satisfy my crave for that gooey hot male’s ***! Then Peter said it was my turn to be satisfied. He carried me over to one of the tables and laid me down on my back. He then held my legs up, spread them and invited the guys to taste my *****. They all took turns licking, nibbling and fingering my soaking wet ***** and I lost count of how many incredible ******* I had.

Then, it was suddenly and quite unexpected for me, I felt a hard **** pound into my ***** and when I looked up I saw the groom ******* me for all he was worth! When he was done, Peter had a turn ******* me, and after him Alexander, the best man, banged me with all his worth! His **** was one of the thickest I’ve ever had, and Peter told me later that when Alexander was ******* me I was making loud, wild, senseless, animal-like moans and my entire body was quivering.

When Alexander’s **** finally exploded on my tummy and breast the biggest load of *** anyone had ever shot all over my body. I thanked him for the great ****, and then I asked him to please get a spoon and feed me his ***. He was happy to comply. He brought the spoon close to his **** and began ******* off vehemently! It took him about 2 minutes to *** again, and this time there was so much ***! He filled the spoon entirely and started scooping out the *** and fed it into my mouth. Then he scooped his previous shot’s *** form by belly and breast and managed to gather 3 full spoon of hot ***! When he was done, I just laid back with a big smile on my face and all the guys applauded me. It was one of the best nights of my life, and the best experience I ever had to satisfy my hunger for a male’s ***!

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Mar 4, 2010