Stop Looking. I'm Right Here. I Have Been Since The Start Of All This.

My best friend, who I'm hopelessly in love with, is in a really rough stage right now. She's trying to find unconditional love and someone who wont use her. Im trying to explain how much I love her, but she only loves me platonically. I know you dont love me, but I love you. Im trying to help you heal that awful pain in your heart and try fill that empty void left by all your ex's. But if wont let me in, all I can do is just sit back and watch you fall apart. I need to be let in to help you. You need to grasp how much I love you. Stop looking for once and just turn around. I've been here all along, supporting you, helping you, praying for you, loving you.
DGSteele DGSteele
26-30, M
May 7, 2012