He Had a Girlfriend

It was valentine's day when i first talked to him. I met him through a friend and as soon as i saw him i knew i wanted him to be mine. I remember just a few days before Valentine's i talked to him and i knew that i've never met anyone that i've loved this much before. He could understand me and i didnt even have to say what was on my mind. It was unbelievable how comfortable we were with each other. I had my hopes up that he was going to ask me to be his Valentine. and then one day before valentine's i asked him "Who are you planning to ask out for Valentine's day" and thats when he said "My Girlfriend". i Felt so heartbroke i didnt eat or drink or anything. we kept talking and we got closer and closer and we talked to each other as if we were going out together and we told each other everything. Until one day he told me that he likes me as much as his Girlfriend and i couldnt hold back my happiness. He asked me out and all i could say was yes. A friend saw us there and she was talking to another friend and she told her that she thought that we looked so in love and that we make the perfect couple. He was talking to his Girlfriend on the phone that day and lied to her that he was with his guy friends and as he shut the phone he rolled his eyes and swore after he hung up. He made fun of her all night and i felt like he was going to leave her for me. So the next day i call him and hes with her and he tells me tha he's busy and asks if i can call him later. We continue talking like before and we both get invited to friends party. His girlfriend doesn't know me or any of my friends so he doesnt have to worry abou her finding out. That night he kissed me and i didnt know how to feel, Happy or Guilty. All my friends think i should tell him to leave her if he really loves me but some other friends tell me that i should stay away from him because he's a player and if im his girlfriend he'll probably cheat on me too while the last few think that he loves me too much to cheat on me but i just have to wait. But judging by the way he talked to her on the phone he doesnt really seem like he likes her at all. So if he doesnt why are they still together? Im stuck in a situation where the smallest move can make the biggest diffrence.

Heartbroken123 Heartbroken123
Feb 20, 2009