Hushed Love

She didn't speak much my grandmother.

Wouldn't  let her granddaughters in on her past sufferings, years of hard labour without any romantic fluffy story to tell. 

But I loved to listen to her. Her breathing, her shuffling, her chopping veggies, washing laundry, calling birdies while sprinkling crumbs around.

I loved when she hugged, I know she hadn't been hugged too often.

Now it's gonna be Valentine's day, I look for a love story that was true and  that still warms my heart. There's my grandma, there's her warm heart.

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9 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I knew 2 of my great grandmothers and greatgrandfathers..I am truly lucky..My 2 grandmothers both lived well into their 90's, and lived with us..their beauty and joy is still felt when we think about them, and my grandchildren see their pictures and enjoy hearing my stories about my grandparents..<br />
<br />
thank you for the memories, again, soursweet..<br />
<br />
Love is eternal, and photographs, a miracle.<br />
<br />
Love, Linda ;)

I wasn't there when my granny died.<br />
<br />
I'm glad she had you. <br />
And you have a warm memory of her.

My nanna died in my arms aged 98.<br />
<br />
I cared for her in her last few years.<br />
<br />
The most beautiful person I have ever known.<br />
<br />
Her name was Cordelia.

Thanks you, Tgilly and Kittycollar, I'm glad I could share those moments with you.

loving story, thanks for sharing it, My grandmother was like that to and i loved her dearly and miss her still.

and thanks for your kind comment, sweet LV!

Aw! this is a great love story, my grandmother had the same story.<br />
<br />
She died when she was really young, about 20!<br />
<br />
Thank for such a great story

Thank you, laurenrecall and frito :o)<br />
Yes, people that are not used to getting lavish praise and attention may give you some honest care.

Awww and your story of your Grandma also warms my heart. It amazes me that people who may not have received that much are such loving souls. Happy Valentines Day to you and your Grandma. :)