He Was the Man

mr. rogers was the coolest! no matter what was going on, he was the smiling face on tv that always made things seem brighter. i've heard that some pbs stations are going to stop carrying reruns of the show, which i think is stupid. at least one channel should keep playing it, because it was a great program that a whole new generation of kids are going to miss out on. i say, keep the tradition of mr. rogers going forever!

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aw, you met him? that's so cool! he's one of the few people on tv i would've loved the chance to have talked to. i would've said hi too if i'd been there!<br />
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it's great that your kids have been able to see it, even if only once in a while. it's a rare gem. if i ever find out more about the pbs thing, i'll let you know!

My daughters have gotten to see the show occassionally and they have loved it - I am so happy to watch them enjoy a show I enjoyed when I was their age.<br />
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Do you know I got to meet him?? I was in a Washingtion, D.C. airport on a school trip (I think I was either in 7th or 8th grade) - I pointed him out to my friends and said I was going to say Hi to him - they thought that was goofy but I didn't - I am so glad I talked to him - he was as nice in person as he was on TV. If you ever find out what we can do to keep the reruns on PBS, I'm IN!

aww, you do such wonderful things for my self-esteem! :)<br />
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and yes, this ruler of the world thing sounds like a serious plan, as long as you'll be my running mate! ;) *massive hugs*

You are soooo right! Very bright and wise young Lady you are.<br />
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Maybe we should elect you Ruler of the World! '-) (((((Hugs)))))

all the more reason we should keep them around. with all the craziness that's on today, it'd be nice for parents to have at least a handful of shows they could feel comfortable about their kids watching.

You are so right. Shows like that today are so very, very rare.

she was awesome! i also loved how everyone on the show came together and formed such a nice, tranquil world where we could all feel like we were among friends, even if we were only joining them through the tv.

This was a great show. Many wonderful people in it, especially Fred Rogers. <br />
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i loved Lady Aberlin and wanted to be her.