Very Fond Memories

I can remember sitting in front of the TV watching his show. It helped shape my life and who I am today. I would even sit and watch it with my own kids when they were younger and still enjoyed it and the memories it brought back. I'll even sit and watch it today if I find it on. You just don't see many entertainers like him today.

Chance101 Chance101
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Sigh. I keep hearing about him from my fellow teacher friends but this non American gal has no idea about who Mr Rogers really was.<br />
<br />
Educate me, please, anyone?

he was awesome! i don't have kids myself, but if i did his show would be one of the few things i'd be happy to let them watch. with some of the crazy stuff that's on today, mr. rogers is like a safe haven!