My First Bra Fitting

I had read about a store, Sally Ann's Corset Shoppe In Chicago. What I had read was that they were accepting of men who wanted to buy femine things.

So one day I drove up and parked in the lot in front of the store. Instead of getting out I drove away. I was afraid. As I went down the street, I thought what am I doing? So I went around the block, parked and went into the store.

I was met by a woman who said what can I do for you? I would like to be fitted for a bra. Step right this way. She lead me to a dressing room and told me to take off everything above my waist. As I was standing there I was struck by the fact that I was in a woman's dressing room. I will never forget that feeling.There were posters on the wall for Rago girdles and bras.

The woman came in the dressing room and measured me. I couldn't believe it. I was thrilled. She came back with three bras. One front closure and two back closure. I tried them on with her help. She got others that fit better and I was very happy. I didn't think I would ever be able to put of a back closure, so I bought the front closure. I wore it out of the store.

I have heard that repeating sucess is a sign of addiction. I agree. I was back the next day. and I have probably had 40 bra fittings since. do I need to keep checking my size NO. I enjoy the interaction with the sales women.

I have of course learned a long time ago to put on a back closure bra. My favorite type.

I can't reccomend enough that others should have a bra fitting. It is just a very enjoyable experience.

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Anyone aware of places that do bra fittings for men in England? I love to be fitted and to buy underwear from a sales girl.

What bra size did you need?

Up here in Mpls it not that easy but I have found some shop that will help me out & yes it is alot of fun to have a women put a bra on me feels soo good !!!!!

i m boy ...but my first bra experience was awseme...

Whatever rings your bell.<br />
The sales girls are very friendly. Be sure to have them do a fitting.<br />
<br />
Gneena<br />

Wow...I wish I could find a lingery store that does not even have a second thought about fitting and selling bras.And to havesome a bra picked and fitted for you...A sale is a sale...Angie..xoxoxo..;-)

You do live close to a store that will fit you with a bra.
VS, Fashion Bug, There are just aqbout any store that sells brasw will do a fitting. Like in my story you havbe to get up the gumption to ask for it.
They won't assume you are there for a bra fitting.
It is more thrilling than you can imagine.

I wish I lived close to a store like that. That sounds like a wonderful experience

WOW - can I come along too? Wouldn't it be fun to get to get together for Thanksgiving...

i am sorry I haven't seen your post. Maybe we can still get together and go to sally ann's.


Hi Teriterry,<br />
Yes they do but their main focus is oncorsets, I believe. They also have a lot of sleepwear.<br />
I would say it is very worthwhile. If you want company when you go just let me know.<br />
<br />
Gneena<br />