Buying Ladies Clothing.

I was born and raised in Far North Louisiana "As Southern as you could be" but full of loving people. They did not embrace cross dressing but accepted it. There were mostly evangelical Protestants there except for a few Roman Catholics in Monroe where I lived after I turned 6. There was a pretty large Italian Community there and a Catholic School. I am Catholic and went to the Catholic School with all those beautiul Italian girls. I was not born in a area that embraces Gay /lesbian and crossdressing. But they did have love and lived their life with love instead of hate. My family, friends, church and even the doctor believed that I would outgrow this uniqueness and that it would be better for me to be allowed to wear dresses everywhere except church and school. I was picked on a little but then the cross dressing was ignored as I was as good as everyone else with work and play. I was always picked early for teams because I was good and I played in my dress as did my sisters.

I hear complaints that there are not stores that carry ladies or girls clothing for cross dressers. I have been buying my dresses, skirts, slips, pettocats, panties and bras, etc for alomst 65 years "my mom helped buy for me when I was very young". When I was little my mom took me to Sears, JCPennys and Wards. She would try little dresses, petticoats and slips on me "no problem as I was with Mom.
Mom went with me and help me get a few dresses, petticoats, slips and skirts when I was a teenager. Many of my clothes were hand me downs from sisters and cousins

I now live near the Houston Area and there is a very large number of Gay/ Lesbian here including our Mayor. In their community there are dress shops for men. I have been in them and tried on dresses. Yes they are very helpful. They are small shops and have little to pick from. You don't have to be gay to shop there. They are also very expensive.

I have found that if you treat people with respect you can go anywhere and buy your ladies clothing. The large deptartment stores have a larger sellection. If you don't know your size go to thrift shops. They are good also but can be anoying as to who owns or runs them. You can get you size approximately then go to the department stores.

I have heard some of you say go to small speciallity stores. That is not good as the ladies are afraid of you as they are generally alone or with just one other person. It is really frightening to them if you try on dress after dress. They may ask you to leave or even call the police because they are scared "not of crossdressers but of big nurly men in the store with them". Please understand them.

If you want to buy speciallity or Bridal dresses go to the lady "bride and Formal shops" and ask if she can help you purchase a dress for yourself. It would have to be tried on and maybe fitted. If she says she can' t help you "say thank you, have a good day and leave. Respect their wishes I have been told that I am always welcome at some shops. I can try on dresses and they would make sure they fit as you cannot return them. Ladies and teens want to get them wear them one time and then return them. That is a "no no" and why there is a no return policy. It is not about us. I have been invited to come in early so that she can devote her full time to making me happy.

Look in Walmart, and other discount stores but you will generally not be happy as they have very few nice clothes. I did buy 2 very nice skirts from WalMart and like them very much. Buy a pair of two of panties from them to get your size if you don't know it already.

I have read that you should not go to large department stores. Those are my favorites as they have a great sellection and usually several price ranges. I buy misses and petites. Petites are for short people and can be large "round" and short. Long skirts are ment to wear with heels and may drag the floor with me so I try to buy in Petite as I am 5 ft 6 inches tall. They are 3 or 4 inches shorter than the same dress or skirt in Misses. I also weigh only 140 pounds.

Ask the sale ladies as most are more than happy to help if you don't go banana's with them. They will help you pick styles, colors, sizes, etc. One reason is that they get commisions on their sales and 2ed they usually like to help you if you are nice. Tell them you need to take them to the men's fitting room and try them on. If there is not a lot of people they will probably ask you to try them on in the ladies fitting room. If they don't go to the men's rooms. Don't go at night "early evenings" or on weekends as they are extremely busy. They cannot give you the time you deserve if they have to wait on other customers. If they are busy they may just have to check poeple out.

Always buy something the first time you go to the store. Let them know you are a real customer and not just getting you kicks. Enjoy you shopping and your clothes. Be respectional and nice.

Buy dresses that are forgiving at the waist. I have several fancy dresses for British High Tea and Ball Room Dancing plus a few others. Yes I am from texas. I love long Hippie dresses. I wear Elastic waist skirts most of the time. I wear a small elastic waist skirt and a 8 or 10 in a tight waisted skirt "if I gain a couple of pounds I can wear the tight waisted skirts". Skirts always fit the waist and look much better on you. You can wear tees "which I like" or fancy blouses if you are trying to dress up. I wear them even to church now and to school functions. I am a 24/7 cross dresser now at the age of 70. I have been 24/7 for about 8 years as work prevented it until retired.

Buy for confort. I wear hi cut panties that hold me in very well even if I get excited. Get elastic leg band panties. as it is not good to have it fall out the legs of your panties. Buy panties that feel good on you. Don't buy sexy panties but good fitting and good feeling panties. Remember we are not made like ladies.I usually buy Vanity Faire but do like others and buy them. I "love full slips but usually wear half slips. I sleep in full slips and wear them a lot around the house. Half slips always fit the waist "elastic waist bands" buy several so that you have them fall to about 1 to 2 inches from the bottom of your skirt or dresses. You can buy half slips from 12 inches long to 37 inches long "from the waist". You can buy straight or full half slips.

Bras are the same way. If you buy False breasts you must also wear their bras. I make my own boobs and can wear any full cut Bra. I love front hook bras as they are easier to put on. I have foam boobs and have B and C cup sizes. Most of the time I want to be small breasted. Your Boobs must also match your height and weight so you will look your best.

I love wearing my Petticoats as I grew up in the 50 and early 60s. We wear them still and they feel the greatest.

Enough. Enjoy shopping and buy things that you like. Remember if it fits and looks good you will like it better. Be respectional and accept sale ladies feelings. Always buy something the first time in a store. Enjoy and have a good week. Jerry

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I often try to hide my " extra baggage" from the sales ladies, but have problems with getting "excited" when they mistake me for a female and rub my shoulders (at the most innocent). I have been kicked out of multiple stores in the south pacific for simply being a natural Sheman in unexpected dressing rooms. I have very feminine hips and have a hard time explaining to sales women that I have "more than they bargained for" prior to taking off my clothes... this is a problem, because I am attracted to women, men, and anyone who utilizes crutches. Do you have any advice on how to warn sales ladies in advance that I may get an erection as they help me try on garments? Or any advice on how I can better hide my excitement?

Boy leg panty girdle and tuck it way back:-)

We are pretty much the same size. As such, I find it relatively easy to buy woman's clothing and lingerie that fits off the rack nicely. Always a thrill to shop and then to dress up. Thank you for sharing...and I would love to go shopping with you Jerry.

Thanks for the response, Jerry.<br />
<br />
I'm positive that I would not have the "guts" to do what you do.<br />
<br />
God bless and good luck

Hi Jerry<br />
I really interesting post, thank you for all of the "tips", they are super.<br />
I'm 69 years old and have been "dressing" for as long as I can remember. I also need to mention that I have been out to stores very little, mainly a crossdresser in my home. Have been out a few times and have been to Penney's, Sears and Mace's. Never have tried to try on clothes, maily just walked through the store looking.<br />
Seriously wondering....when you dress do you wear a wig and make-up???<br />
I have always tried my best to appear as much as a woman as I can, but I have read alot lately that there are quite a few Cross Dressers that totally remain as men as far as their hair and face, but wear the women's clothes. To me, I think that I would be even more afraid of doing that because when I grew up, Sissies<br />
would tend to get beat up alot. (this is what a "girly-boy" was called where I came from)<br />
At any rate, for me, this is super and I really agree that men should be able to wear whatever they like whether it be pants, skirts, dresses or combat boots. After all, women wear what they whant to wear, right??

I cannot pass for a lady no matter how much I try. My face is too masculine and will not let me look like a nice lady. I am always myself and look like me with a skirt on. I enjoy very much my skirts and dresses and wear them all the time unless I am home and wear just slips.

It is good to hear from you. I only buy from department storeis. Speciality stories outside the malls are not good. The ladies are by themselves and are scared of big old men in their stories trying on dresses or not. To many have been robbed or raped. Most sales ladies will be glad to help you. Enjoy and be blessed. jerry

This is a very informative post and makes several wonderful, very sensible points. I am sure this will be helpful to many interested parties. Blessings Jerry.