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Rimadyl And Proin Killed My Dog

My husband and I lost our 14 year old lab terrier mix in July, one month after she was diagnosed with end stage renal failure.  This dog had perfect labwork and was prescribed daily Rimadyl in June 2009 for arthritis.  I never researched the potential side effects, naively believing that my vet knew best.  Our old girl had her annual wellness exam in November 2009 and was pronounced a "healthy senior dog."  Seven months later, she's dead.  The dog began showing signs of renal disease last winter, but I was too busy with school, work, and my husband's recent surgery to notice what was going on with her.  In February, I took her to the vet because she had been incontinent in bed (because she was drinking excessive amounts of water to compensate for her deteriorating kidneys).  He prescribed Proin, a drug that raises blood pressure and is also bad for the kidneys.  In May, O. began refusing food with the pills mixed in; it's as if she knew. Maybe she did.  Over Memorial Day weekend, she refused to eat, but we could not get her to a vet until the following Wednesday.  Labs showed she was in severe renal failure.  She spent a combined total of 5 days in the hospital.  Aggressive IV fluid therapy diluted her and improved her lab values temporarily, but within a week, she began to decline again.  I spent the month of June force feeding her by syringe, trying to get calories in her and control her nausea.  But her kidneys worsened and we euthanized her on July 1.  Now that I am connected to an online group for dog parents whose furkids have kidney disease, I know there was so much more that could have been done for my girl. My vet still insists the medications he prescribed had nothing to do with her renal failure and that she was just old.  I think that he wrote her off because she was elderly and refused my request for SQ fluids because he didn't want to be bothered.  Now, I have to find a way to live with myself because I didn't catch O.'s renal failure in time.  She had been a very healthy dog her whole life, and I feel I poisoned her and let her down at the end of it.  Please, please, beware of these drugs!
Opiesmom Opiesmom 41-45, F 4 Responses Aug 26, 2010

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My heart is shattered by a similar experience. My 11 year-old sweet girl started having incontinence problems a few months ago. Our vet checked her kidney function, told us she should be on a protein-restricted prescription diet, and put her on Proin 25 mg twice daily for the peeing. Never warned me about the risks. Stupid, stupid me, I didn't question him. After 3 months on Proin, she began falling over, and her heart seemed about to burst out of her chest. Repeat of bloodwork showed her kidney function had worsened considerably, and she was in congestive heart failure. He advised putting her down. I refused, and started jockeying between sub-q treatments and heart meds trying to maintain a balance. She lasted another 3 months, and I was able to spoil her, but the toxins overtook her little body earlier this week and I couldn't let her suffer. I feel such profound guilt - she lost her life years too early because I didn't want to clean up a few puddles of pee. I will take this guilt to my grave. Why didn't I question his advice? Why didn't I research this horrible drug before I gave it to my beautiful, trusting angel?

Your very smart in guessing that your vet wrote her off because she was elderly and that he refused your request for SQ fluids because he didn't want to be bothered. I'm so sorry for your loss. SO sorry.

So sorry. Yesterday I lost my 13 years old Doberman- Boxer. She was OK, the vet prescribed Rimadyl 3 months ago, and she died yesterday. They need to stop killing this inocent animals. I feel sad, and so guilty . I feel like I helped killing her. I shouldn't just have trusted the vet, I should have researched before. Please, always check the side effects on the medicine your dog is prescribed.

Oh, I am soooo sorry and I feel your pain. We too just lost our Siberian Husky to what I believe was Proin. She was only 5 years old and 1 year ago she started to leak everywhere. So our Vet put her on Proin to control her bladder weakness. Before all of this, she was such a healthy "spirited" dog. We noticed changes in her from this medicine, and yet we still kept on giving it to her. I had twin toddlers I was managing, plus my husband went through neck surgery and I failed to pay attention to my Sydona. Around Thanksgiving, she just stopped taking her pills. She was sdone with them and we just decided that we would not give them anymore to her. But than she stopped eating also. When we took her in for blood work, it was pretty much over with. I feel as though I am too blame for not taking better care of her. I have so much guilt now. But I would never ever put a dog on that medicine Proin no matter what. Drugs are horrible and there has to be a better, more safer way to take care of our precious best friends. I truly am soo sorry.