My Friend's Car Was a Mushroom On Wheels!

My friend had to use her Mom's old tan Subaru wagon many moons ago after her mustang died.  This car ran but it was clapped out.  She would come over to my apartment and pick me up sometimes and we'd go out clubbing and what not.  This car had a damp/moldy had leaks and the defrost was shot to hell. 

After months of driving this thing in it's questionable condition it had begun to take on new life of it's own by producing fungi!  It started on the sun visors and worked it's way onto the sides of the car, the seat belts and so on.  This car was too interesting to stay untitled as it became such a hot topic of conversation between us and our friends.  We called it the "Shroomobile."

She continued to drive it, how I don't know you couldn't see through the windshield half the time.  Ultimately, she ended up not being able to see one too many times as luck ran out and drove it off a country road, down an embankment and rolled it several times...landing where else?  In a pile of grass and mushrooms..and the car died there happily ever after.

We still laugh today about that car and are thankful my friend was not hurt on the Shroomobile's final voyage.

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3 Responses Sep 4, 2008

yeah, i don't think i have fully recovered from meetin' the mold

it was the best of cars, it was the worst of cars

Thanks Amasky...I enjoyed sharing and remembering everything about that car as I wrote this story...indeed we had a blast and many laughs because of that fungi-infested car! :)