Granny if your looking down on my I could really do with some help :'(
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Awe Sweetie, I'm sorry you lost your Gran. I'm just a mum, but if you need a shoulder or ear maybe I can be that for you. Be well.

Basically I've split up with my girlfreind and I love her so much and I know everyone goes on about how they love them .. But I honestly do think the world of her! And we've split up because she cheated on me. I got angry at the time and said some things I shouldn't have and she tried to get back with me and I promised my self I wouldn't get back with her, then after a couple days I thought no I don't want to chuck everything away and I was gunna give her another chance bearing in mind we've been together for 2 years. She then turns around and says she's got feelings for someone els now :( this broke my heart and I honestly don't know what to do :'(

Oh Sweetie, it's life's irony that it's always the ones we love the most that hurt us the most. I'm going to pull the 'you are young' card here. I'm not going to say that you don't know what love is, because you do and it hurts. But this one sounds like you should love her for the time you had, thank her for the things you learned, treasure the memories, and move past. Even if she is available in the future, your mental and emotional well being are not toys. Maybe a friendship can happen much later down the road, but keep it at that. The right one will come along. Mourn the loss, because it is a loss, but when you are done mourning move on. Be well sweetie.