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I bought my old wheelchair 2 years ago.Then my knees was giving me some pain and mobility is a challenge.Now my weight has gone up and the old wheelchair is giving way.Today the new wheelchair is so solid and wider.Its so comfortable and the design is from England.We intend to take a break from work and go on a short trip by coach to Malaysia.Just across the causeway.We intent to go up a hill to have fresh air and greenery.I am so excited.
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Thank you so much dear friend for your kindness.I am so blessed that i have to share my blessings with others.Be it a sharing of a simple pleasure or kind gestures.Have a blessed day.

One of my dearest friends has developed mobility issues and she also has to use assistance getting around and to read of your attitude reminds me of hers, unshakable. Instead of becoming bitter and angry, you both are facing life and using the means to get out and live. Two strong and inspiring women that it is a privilege in knowing! Thank you for reminding all of us that life is full of blessings no matter what we face. Enjoy your trip and please share the wonderful time and what you see with us. Hugs,D.

Thank you my dear friend for dropping by.Have a blessed day.

That's neat to hear, we take mobility for granted and seeing stories like this makes me grateful for two legs that do work unaided. Thank you for sharing Unshakable :)

Thanks my dear Eyeno with your eveready encouragement and support.Looking forward to great fun and happiness.Have a blessed day.

Thanks my dear friend Sharossody for your sharing.I am like your mom but to not lose out the beautiful happenings outside i allow myself to be on a wheelchair.Like going to the beach,Ikea,marketing and supermarkets,Have a blessed day.

Good for you... I hope you have a joyous time and get lots of fresh air.<br />
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My mother was very independent and we had a devil of a time to get her to get a wheelchair when she was having trouble walking. When she did, she realized what a wonderful thing it was. She said it brought the little children to eye level and she loved talking to them.

Thanks dear Abooklover and Glenara for your comments.Good things are happening to me.Have a Blessed day.