School Chrismas Party

I was 14 and the annual christmas party for our age group was set for the afternoon in th schol hall. We all new that the teachers would pair us of boy girl to walk from the class to the hall. As expected once in the hall the boys went one end and the girls the other. After about 30 mins of music and no dancing a teacher called Ben took over as a DJ. He stopped the music and announce tha he was going to start a snowball dance. he said that everyone would have to dance. he started the music with two couples on the floor who he had ordered to dance. Once he stopped the music he told them to selected onother partner and that if you were choosen you had to dance or face the consquences in class the next day. ie the cane. He repeated this until everyone was dancing. He stopped the music and said no one sit down I will continue to stop the music but this time I will tell you what you are to do. I had ended up with a Girl called Janet who was to be my partner for the rest of the party. As the music stopped he announced that all the boys were to take of their school ties. This continued and next we were told to unbutton our top three buttons of our shirt. This stared the girls laughing and he fllwed this by getting the boys to take of their shoes and socks. We continued to dance and he stopped the music and told the boys to role up the trouser legs. As this startrd to excite the cirls the nxt time he got them to tae of thier school tie and flowed with some buttons on the shirt so I could se that Janet did not have a bra on. delghed t this I stated to forget about me thinking he was going to work on the girls. Then the big one for the boys we were told to take our shirts off So most of us were ******** to the waste no socks trousers rolled up and the girls having good laugh. He continued the music and stopped again and said all boys to undo the top of the trousers and the zip. I danced like this and the nusic stopped and we were told to pu our hnds on our heads. He played a fast dance track and we had to keep our hands on our head. he kept it going for ages and slowly one by one our trousers started to fall down around our knees. There I was hands on the head strippe to the waist and my trousers around my ankles. Janet love it and put her foot on the trousers so that the came off she pick them up and passed them around the room. The other girls started to do the same and many of the boys ended up in just their underpants.
W continued to dance but it was not long before things started to stick out janet smiled at my situation and leaned forward and said I want to se the rest ofter the party and undid her blouse to show all of her breast which were very big. I discovered later when she arranged for me to meet with her and some friends that she was size 36 with a 26 waist and 34 hip. She got to see the whole package as did her friends as I was asked to do the same routine again at her house only this time going naked. faced with four girls who had said they would ***** me anyway that it was better for my image to be a sport and do as they asked. So I ended up naked in front of ll four girls. janet took me naked to her room and took hold of my erect **** and started to **** me this was so fantastic I came very quickly. I had not noticed that the other girls had crept in to watch. A little embarased at my premature ejaclation. Until the one girl said waut a bit nd we can do it for him again and he will last a lot longer them. They had undressed and were happy enough playing around until they decided to see if I could do better. I got a massive erection this time and had relaxed more so I was able to take more control of th *********** and this time they took it in turns to **** me off; back t school I had some real street cred over this as the girls made it known what they had done to me. Thank you Ben
thomasw thomasw
Aug 8, 2010