My Sis.

I remeber one of the first times my sis dressed me up.  It was after she caught me digging threw our mom's pantyhose drawer.  One day when our mom was out with a friend for the evening my sis called me into her bed room and asked if for my opinion on her outfit.  She was wearing her school uniform which was a drk blue knee high skirt with a white blouse and drk blue matching jacket.  She had on some tan pantyhose.  My sis asked if the outfil looked alright and if the hose looked good with it as she was going to wear them with her outfit the next day.  I said yeah it looks good.  She said well let me try something different.  She went to our mom's room and came back with some blk and drk blue pantyhose.  She took off her tan ones and tried on the drk blue first then she tried on the black pantyhose.  I told here that the black looked real good.  But the drk blue looked good as well.  She said I think I will wear the black hose tomorrow.  As she and I were happy with her decision and I know wanted to put some hose on.  My sis said hey come here.  My sis new of my hose fetish and asked if I wanted to try on any of her things.  Jumping at the chance to wear hose again.  I said sure.  She said here and gave me one of her other school girl uniforms.  I got undressed and grabbed the tan pantyhose my sis took off and put them on then my sis gave me her bra and put that on for me.  She stuffed socks in it.  Then I put on her white blouse and the drk blue skirt with matching drk blue jacket.  She had me stand in front of her mirror.  I couldn't believe the feeling and the rush that came over me while wearing my sis's school uniform.  My sis let me try on some of her shoes.  But I wanted to try on my mom's high heels as they were a little higher than what my sis had.  Which was around 2 1/2 and my mom 3in high heels.  So I went to my mom's room and grabbed a black pair of strappy high heel sandle.  I put them on and went back into my sis's room.  She said I looked hot like that.  She then decided to go into mom's room as well and grabbed a pair of her black high heels.  She put them on and went back into her room.  And was checking herself out.  She asked how she looked I said u look hot.  She giggled and said oh quit it.  She said lets walk around the house like this for a bit.  I want to see u walk in ur heels.  So we went downstairs and were walking around the house for a bit and she was showing me how to sit and cross my legs while in a skirt.  After a while she said well lets change before mom gets home.  So we went back up to her room and changed.  I couldn't believe that my sis let me try on her clothes and was accepting of it actually it was her idea.  So after we changed I put her hose and bra back in the drawer.  My sis said if I wanted to wear anything of hers I was more than willing but to not let mom know or get caught.  I said ok.  She asked if I liked wearing her clothes I said yeah I liked the way the feel on my skin like the pantyhose.  It just felt good.  My sis smiled and put the heels she took from mom's room in her bag and said I will change into these at school after mom drops me off.  Same with the hose.  As she put the black pantyhose in her bag as well.  We both went into mom's room and I put back the heels and she put back the drk blue hose.  After that her friend called and I went to my room.

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Very Nice on both experiences.

i never had a sis but always wanted one! I have a younger brother and I use to dress him up like Micheal Jackson and pretend to marry him! lol