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I was adopted by a woman who loves herself more than anyone in the world.My adoption was merely to hold her husband down.My adopted father was a playboy who has eyes for many women.Obviously my presence make no difference to their relationship.They went about doing their own things.My adopted mother cared alot on her appearance and clothes.She used to buy herself many clothes and forgotten about my needs.Her best friend who married a rich man always give her daughters clothes,shoes and many more to me..Everytime i am always looking forward to her arrival.She loves me too till today at 92 yrs.Since then i have hand me downs from friends,neighbours and clients.Those that we could use we will keep them and pass the rest to the needy.Today a dear client Viv is passing me her beautiful clothes that she could not wear as she had put on weight.I am very excited as i do not have nice clothes for my holidays.The reasons been i want lose weight,save money and nowhere to go.
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My dear friend Rosey.You might find my sharings real traumatic and thats the reason i have my adrenal glands insufficiency.I have drawn my strength and wisdom from GOD and at a young age i have the feeling always that i am created for a special reason.I viewed my challenges as lessions from God and by overcoming them i have pass his Test with flying colours.I am still having lessions even very challenging ones but i know i will still pass my TEST with flying colours.

I believe that having a child in your life is a gift from God and it doesn't make any difference whether you are the biological parents or adopted parents. For a mother to make sure she has beautiful clothes and not care about her daughter's clothing is just awful. I'm so sorry something happen to your family and you had to be adopted by unloving people. You would hope that people would be extra kind to a child whose parents were missing and want to help fill the hurt with love.

Thank you dear friend for your comments.I know i am very blessed throughout my life.Have a blessed day.

You will be chic my Dear..I never had hand me downs..I worked for my clothes at 14 yrs old. My siblings ( 1 boy) 1 older girl ,just kept what they had & it wasn't much. I also look forward to your vacation story.

So sweet of you my dear friend for your compliments.I will surely have alot to write when i return.Have a blessed day.

You are certainly going to look the well travelled lady on your holiday, I'm looking forward to reading all your travel news.