The Teacher Of Gym With The Scottish Tawse

a following history of my Infancy in a School of England.

Me Italian boy, lived in England for more than three years, and therefore I attended the Primary and Secondary School. As I told my precedent story, I discovered the cane after three months from my transfer from Italy. I broke a glass of a window of the School with the ball, but it was not my intention to make damages..

In the Office of the Headmaster I saw for the first time the cane , I received six strokes of cane on the bottom in rapids succession. That was my first impact with the severe and rigid discipline of the Schools of the UK:

One day in Gym, the teacher was momentarily absent, he replaced the ill Headmaster, therefore The teacher of Gym went to the Reception office to sign some documents.

Us boys remained in Gym without any control, all of us boys, already in t - shirt and shorts of white color we camped out between the Gym and the courtyard to play.

It happened that my friend proposed to smoke us a cigarette, therefore, me the friend and another companion we were busy to smoke the cigarette behind the Gym.

Suddenly, fifty-fifty cigarette, was open at the Gardener that it reported our awkward behavior to the teacher of Gym.

Past ten minutes, the teacher reached the Gym, he was furious and he called to us three boys to the center of the Gym.

I want to specify that the teacher of Gym was of Scottish origins, he privileged to use the strap Tawse of often leather, also on the naked legs of us boys.

The teacher after the classical sermon on our behavior, lined up to the two sides of the vaulting horse our classmates.

I was the first called, the teacher said that he in absence of the Headmaster, decided the appropriate punishment.

We deserved 12 strokes of strap each. the teacher immediately made us remove the shorts and me I was the first one to bend me on the horse in wood. L' very scrupulous Teacher, lifted mine t-shirt on the shoulders to have ample vision of the bottom without obstacles of cloth, he inflicted the twelve strokes of strap on the bottom and on the back of the thighs. The strokes of strap on the legs were more painful.

With the identical procedure, he handled the canings of the other two companions.

The remaining schoolmates lined up to assist to the punishment were in absolute silence, the last strokes of strap, those on the legs, made us howl for the pain.

at the end of the canings, in the showers, us three boys we looked at the respective marks on the bottom and on the legs, they were visible well.

In the late afternoon I reentered to Home, and my mother realized that I had been punished, in fact she noticed the showy marks that I had on the back of the thighs, in fact with the shorts they were evident well.

I said that I had been noticed while I was smoking, and that the teacher of Gym has punished us with the strap Tawse.

My Mother said that I had deserved the punishment, and that that evening, I would have had the remainder of the Dad punishment.

In fact that evening my Father punished me with the strap. I Had the bottom in flames and the painful legs, the marks lasted two weeks and more.

I apologize if my writing in language English is very bad.

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Very good account - dont apologise your english is good to read

You write very clearly, and give a vivid desc<x>ription of what happened. You must have had a very hot bottom after all that. Did you ever wish you were back at school in Italy?

at the end of my Secondary School, I made reentry in Italy. Also in Italy there was the cane but in very moderate way, the cane was applied from the Teachers with a lot of discretion. In Italy that severity of cane didn't exist as in the Schools of the UK. In some circumstances of demoralization, I felt like immediately reentering in Italy. But in the period of my permanence In England, I often received the cane and the strap.
Rigorously in uniform of the School, in shorts also in Winter and with the snow.

Thank you for your reply. I had not realised that the cane was used, even occasionally in Italian schools. I was in Italy for a while in the 1970's and remember the primary school children in blue smocks being taken to school by their parents. I hope you have some good memories of English schools not just painful ones. I should like to go to Italy again one day.

I in England, lived there from boy for three years.
In fact in Italy it is in use the classical aprons, however the Uniforms of the Schools of the UK are more beautiful and elegant.
the Aprons were an awkward attire.
In effects the School of the UK was very more severe than the Italian School, in England the cane was Legal to the epoch of my Infancy and also..... very applied in my School.
It flatters me that you admire Italy, a Nation from the very pleasant climate and it has a good kitchen.
of what Nation is she?.

I am from the UK. I liked Italy, its climate and its food. I lived in Rome, but visited Florence, Verona, Venice, Assisi and other beautiful towns and cities. The cane was used a lot in my boarding school and sometimes at home by my parents. Do you want to chat by private message? If you like to add me to your circle, please.

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