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Tights Under School Gymslip

My sister had the habit of spending the first hour downstairs wandering around in tights & panties minus her gym-slip, with just a short school blouse on top. Her school uniform skirt (more trim than the traditional gym slip) always needed ironing before going to school, hence her habit to wander around in tights and top.
Seeing my sister bend over to pick things up or whilst ironing showed every detail of her underwear through her tights, which really turned me on. I also really enjoyed the view from the front. Her tights were normally a very light tan, that looked exquisite with either white or pastel panties underneath.
Anne was actually my step-sister (since Pa had remarried my mother when Anne was six and I was three), but we grew up as brother and sister, which probably was the reason for my attraction.
I don't know if anyone else had a sister who used to purposely show off in this way?
nylonfetishist nylonfetishist 51-55, M 2 Responses Apr 16, 2013

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Your one lucky man!! Lol although would be weird getting horny over my sister lol but would have to agree that there's nothing hotter than women in tights ;)