How It All Started For Me !

This is a story that is going to take a number of parts to complete simpily because im terrible when it comes to editing.
For me it started when i found a **** mag on swinging in my parents bedroom in the 80's, this i belive lead to a young
sexual awakening for me. As a consequence i was very young when i lost my virginity and everything that goes along with it.

I dont exactly know where my love of sharing / ********* came from but i knew when i was having sex with my gf in the
same room as my friends i wished that they would quit taking sneeky looks and just come over and join in. Didn't happen
though. It was however with the same group of friends and a different gf (now wife of 8 years) that i realised how much the
prospect of sharing turned me on. It was another typical night out pub, disco great fun and back to a house to finish the
night, it was back at the house that after some sambuca drinking games that after a nod of approval from me that O my
gf started french kissing my friend, she was doing it as a dare and partly to tease Pete, everybody knew he fancied the arse
of her. It was only when watching them kiss with a raging hard on that i realised my dream of sharing a gf with my mates
might come true. However the kiss was as far as anything went that night.

Two years later myself and O got married. We had a great sex and social life, we lived life to the full. After two years
of burning the candle at both ends we decided to start a family, so ended the sex and social life ! Go figure !
O did not have a good pregnancy, but we were blessed with a healthy baby. After weening our baby boy off the brest
and onto the bottled milk we got a taste of our old lives back only my wife was not able to hold her drink as she used
to. It was on one such night out with our child staying with grandparents that we ended back in our house with my best
friend who had only just finalised a seperation from a gold digger that he had wasted five years of his life on. Myself and mike
were very good friends since school and i had shared my fanticy of wanting to share my wife with another man with him,
he had jokingly said '' im always available and its been six months since i've had a shag ''. My wife was drunk and decided
to call it a night and left me and Mike drinking and chatting in the sitting room, it wasn't long before he brought up my fanticy.

Part 2

Up to this point of our relationship i had never told my wife about any fanticies i had, but there's me and mike sitting downstairs
talking openly about them and i was getting very aroused as was mike. After a couple of hours  a plan was formed, I cant remember
who's now but i think it was mine. Anyway it involved mike getting a good luck at my drunk wifes body. She was sound asleep by
now so myself and mike went upstairs all the lights were turned off bar a little bedside lamp, I directed mike to stand as far back but
straight in line with the door in the dark hallway, perfect he was invisible to myself or my soon to be woken wife from our bedroom.
I went back out to the hall and told him he could do whatever he wanted so long as he stayed outside the door and kept quiet, he
agreeded and i gave him a box of tissues.
                                                                            I went back in and pulled the covers off the bed and my wife, she had a thong on and
that was all, the lamp left a lovely shine on her *** cheeks and i reached out and gentle stroked her soft skin, I stopped got up and
took my clothes off then started giving her a gentle back rub every now and again dropping my hand between her legs and rubbing
her ****, she started to moan softly and wake. She turned over and as she did i removed her knickers, got my fingers straight back
to work on her **** and she reached up and grabbed my ****, she was lost in the moment until suddenly she gasped '' where's
mike ? '' I told her to relax he's gone home, got her up on her hands and knees turned her sideways across the bed and burried my
**** in her juicy ***** with one swift stroke, grabbed her by the hipps and just started pounding, she was supprised with my vigour
and started to ask me something before i butted in with ''Just ****'',  (the rest you'll have to wait for sorry !)
                                                                                                                                                                                              I was banging O for all i
was worth and the earlier drinks served to give me more staying power. We were changing positions every few minutes she didn't
know why but i was doing it to give mike the best possible views of her body. A woman in full ******* mode is a sight to behold, heavy
breathing, **** bouncing, back arched to allow for max penetration, its beautiful ! Anyway we were both loving it and O was first to ***
followed quickly by me only instead of just dumping a load in her ***** i pulled out and stood up on the bed, O knew what i wanted
and duely obliged, she quickly got to her knees and took me deep into her mouth and sucked as if i was going to shoot gold for her
she tickled my balls with one hand and held my **** at the base with the other hand as she went to town on me until she felt me start
to tense up. She pulled back a little and wanked me quickly as she slapped my **** off her lips and tongue, i couldn't take anymore
 and started to shoot stream after stream of thick ***** on her lips, in her mouth and all over her face and ****. We both collasped
and i got up to get her a towel in case she did first and found mike in the hall, so she started to clean herself up and i said i was going
to get some water. This was where things got messy, mike the ****** started talking to me as soon as i stepped out of the room until i
could stop him. I was sure she heard and i ushered him down the stairs and out the door as quickly as i could, got two glasses of water
 and headed back up. When i went back into the room i was verberly attacked ! '' I herd voices and more than one set of footsteps '',
this went on for a while and i just denied it until i convinced her to go to sleep.
                                                                                                                                            The next morning however brought no restbite, as soon as
she woke she started again, not wanting to suffer this all day i slowly started confessing but only after getting her to lie on top of me and
slip my **** into her *****. Before I started we made a deal regardless of what i tell her she cannot get off me until i have completely
finished telling her everything. So it started out with, yes mike was there watching ! Yes he was having a **** while watching us ! '' why ''
I went on and started to share my sharing fanticy, to say there was a very big mix of emotions would be an understatement ! The looks
that flashed across her face as i explained myself in depth, disgust, anger, horror, guilt at the image of my friend ******* her and eventually
 lust as her imagination began to run overtime ! Anyway by the end she was grinding herself onto my **** and making excuses like mike
wouldn't find her sexually attractive and she couldn't understand how this could turn me on so much and how i could even imagine my
friend pushing his **** into her ***** without going into a jealous rage. I could only try and explain how i dont view the physical act of sex
as love {for me sex is not love but just pleasure}. The hour long conversation ended with me after spilling two loads into her ***** and her
one slow ****** and still very horny, but most importantly not a rejection to my mmf suggestion ! I told her i was going to plan something
 and she said we'd talk about it.
                                                        So at that point the door was unlocked all I had to do was find a way to open it. Our conversation was not
mentioned for what seemed like a lifetime and any time that i would try to bring it up she would shoot me down before the words left my mouth,
until i discovered that like most women when she had a few drinks on board she was far more willing to engage in conversation of an erotic
nature. Anyway it took time and little by little i introduced more and more erotica into both our general lives as well as our sex lives. As her
responses improved (''as far as i was concerned'') i pushed the boundries out until one night when she was ******* me cowgirl style i just came
out and asked her ''what would you do if i told you mike is behind you and he wants to **** you aswell ? She just said ''it would be up to you to
decide what happens next''. At that point i flipped her onto her back and ****** her like a gigalow on deathrow. As soon as we were done I
was on the phone to mike and organised a get together in his house for the following saturday. It was on and i was walking on air all week
 and just couldn't wait for Saturday. ( ending to follow )
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