I Finally Got Over Him

After over 30 years.  I met this guy when I was 5; he came up to me on a school field trip.  I ended up going to high school with him, though at the time I didn't remember the earlier childhood meeting.  Long story short is that he always dated women who were totally different physically than me, but the girlfriends always knew who I was and always came up to me and made snarky comments.   He'd make overtures, then retreat, which frustrated me to no end.  And it didn't stop, even after high school.  But both of us ended up marrying other people.  I ran into him recently with his wife and kids tagging behind him and it finally dawned on me -- he's gone.  And I was over him that instant.
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1 Response Oct 9, 2006

I am sorry. I know what its like to go through that kind of unrequited love. Good for you for moving on though. You are awesome!