July 20th, 2006

It might as well be yesterday. I could tell by her voice when she coldly said "We need to talk" exactly what was going to happen. I spent the next two hours curled up in a fetal position clutching the toilet, sobbing and throwing up.  She tossed me out like yesterdays newspaper.

I know she never cared for me the way I did for her. I would have given  my life just so she could have lived one more day. One more hour.

I never got a reason. I think she just got bored of me. I can't really blame her. She deserves a lot better. The best.

All I ever wanted is for her to be happy, and if she is happier without me, then I am truly grateful she left.

But when you lose something that you would die for, your life changes.
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10 Responses Dec 12, 2007

She probably left because you're a *****.
Man up you whimp. Be a man and let her be the woman.

I agree with FL that unrequited love is the hardest to get over. Sometimes though just when you think all hope is gone and you will never find another person like the one that walked out of your life someone new will walk in. Your hurt and pain are real I have felt them, but the joy of the right new person walking in can blot all that out and fill you with more love and happiness than you ever thought possible. Do not give up the search!

Unrequited love is the hardest to get over. It leaves a scar on your heart that you cannot forget!

that sucks. You deserve to be happy too! don't forget that!

i sympathize with you very deeply i know how bad it hurts.

2 weeks?? Man, you are out of your mind.

you deseve better :/

i have nothing monumental to say about this, or about love in general...except that I ended up making a life-long beatles fan admit through her actions, that "all we need is love" is not true...because she needed more than that.<br />
I'm sorry for your pain; but you are not alone.

~hugs ya~ that is so beautifuly sad. Just because she stopped loving you, doesnt mean that you're anything less... She doesnt deserve anything greater or smaller... And you didnt deserve to be put away like that, no one does... Remember, to the world you may mean nothing, but to that one person you can mean the world. Don't let her insignificant thoughts or feelings towards you make somebody elses world any less... For you are someones world, someone whose out there, searching and waiting... You're someone to somebody out there who maybe getting tossed to the side, because they don't belong with anyone else but you ~smiles~

Could she really do better than have someone love her the way you do.... You might just be th ebest thing that she just never really appreciated