Once Upon A Time...

There was this girl, and she loved another girl.  This other girl was beautiful, unbelievable beautiful, and smart, and funny, and so sweet, and kind, and everything that the first girl was not.  And they were best friends.  And while the first girl pined for the other girl's affections, the other girl simply did not notice.
"What am I to do?" The first girl would ask herself every morning, and every night. 
And so she chose to do nothing.  And as the other girl soon got married and had a child and flourished in her life, the first girl despaired...
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This is something stupid i guees or not don't know what to say .This happend to me ogso my first girlfriend was lesbien ,i did"n know that time i putt so much time in here ti win her heart ,when one day she said to me she is in relationship with her girl friend .This is stupid from that day i cant look at her in the same way

I was in love with my best friend... In some ways, always will be... And while I imagine that she is still far from marrying and having a kid... I think I would have felt wrong, weird, uncomfortable, sad, confused, all kinds of upset... to see this and to have stayed quiet for so long. The quietness... it's sad, but it's romantic and adds glow to the love, doesn't it?...<br />
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Listen, I kissed my best friend last summer. I confessed to her that I have loved her for a long, long time... and it turns out, she loves me, too... but only as an amazing friend... and... she can't love me as more than that, because she is heterosexual. It's that simple. Anyways.... She is only one of two people I have been IN LOVE with, like, would full on have married... but... I don't despair anymore. Ever since I confessed... I have been released of a great pressure that... while it made my love more beautiful, it made me sadder than I am now... I am not sad anymore. :)<br />
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I think you should confess!!! If she is a good friend... she will accept your confession... and your friendship all the same... and you can be proud of yourself and more easily move on... while still being her friend!...

Please do not despair sweetheart... you will find another.

There will be other girls, loosing the first one, even if you never really had her will always be the hardest. But everyone has to loose one, so that next time, you realise you cant let her get away.