Inexperienced, Or Just Unlucky In Love?

ive had my share  of relationships, but its a hard road just getting to one. rejections are not something i take easily, but i get a good number of it. first it started with kyle adams, who just laughed hysterically when he found out about my infatuation. then comes gilbert doplito- good guy gone bad. he trained me in to his little playmate protege-then started to hate me after realizing my real intentions. and now we come to abner inzunza- the sweetest guy ive ever met. i was soo sure he was my most compatible guy yet: he love the music i love, and yet understands it like no one else, he had the smile that could just brighten your day, he had the openness that could leave you on cloud nine after a heart-to-heart session. unfortunately, my love charade ends here; he shows no intention of mirroring me feelings. Nor will i go for that humiliation of letting my feelings run free. for now, ill keep this to myself, maybe even for however long our friendship lasts...............
lifehasitsupsanddowns lifehasitsupsanddowns
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2007