Saying Goodnight......everynight???

So i have been with this girl who is very heartless but i love her to death and i stuck with her. she has changed a little in a way she shows me she loves me more in the way we interact. BUT one thing she does that to me is a very big deal and to her she thinks that i am a kid and being childish and immature to even fight about it but i think every night you should say good night to the person your in love with. Wether you are in the same bed or away on vacation. make sure to tell them goodnight and end you day that way. Now am i being childish or does this really matter or not
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is there is any more love in this world.....

maybe you should find someone who likes to say good night, they're out there. My ex and I use to make love almost every night and always have pillow talk which we went to sleep with.. laughing and joking or sometimes talking about the day and waking up was just as good.....

everyone has their own way of doing things...clearly this saying goodnight everynight is important to you, so i do not believe it to be childish at all. to you it probably symbolizes something important, and to your girl it probably doesn't symbolize much at all. personally i think this habit of yours is veryy sweet and like you i also have a sentimental heart. you two are clearly very different when it comes to this type of thing and hopefully she will one day understand that you are not being childish but that this is just who you are and how your heart relates to otherss :)

Saying "Good night", saying "I love you" at every opportunity is a very good thing indeed. However, if you don't hear it - don't fight over it and make it worse.