Stupid Love!

a year ago when a friend of mine told to sign up in one of the dating site, so i did but for me it is just only a game. then after 2 days someone emailed and we became friends. we talked everyday, sharing our experiences, likes and etc. for me nothing personal feelings should be involve because never met him in person only on cam.. we continously talked for almost 8 months.. but i felt something which i hate most.. don't know exactly the feeling, always missed him and he makes me happy everyday.. don't want to conclude that i fallen inlove with him... until i found out that he found someone and comitted with someone.. this time i cried a lot. can't stop myself crying.. crying with someone never love me... can't accept the fact that he is inlove with someone.. told him about my feelings but its too late..
never felt this way before.. every day i think of him, until i decided to forget everything happened.. i stopped talking with him.. deleted all my communications with him. because for me this is the best way to moved on. but until of this moment still can't understand why always think of him.. always wishing that he loves me the way i love him..  i tried to date with someone but my feelings with him never change. realized how stupid i am.. i still love him.. wish one of these days will never think of him anymore.. he really made me crazy..
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I experience that too. but, we we've tell to each other that we like each other and then we been in a relationship for 1month. and now, we separate because i did some kind of a joke say that im pregnant thats why he leave me. he don't want to believe in me but he said he loves me still i didn't know what to do.

same with me im so stupid :(

girl dats life its soooo hard but learn to ur mistake.. i mean loving some 1 is not a mistake at all ..u only love wid a wrong person ..but try to forget him by being busy like hangout wid frends or shopping ...! i know its hard but magsasawa k din.. magla2ho din yan..

Don't think of yourself as stupid, angelfranceine. Internet relationships can be every bit as intense and "real" as those we have in the off-line world -especially the endings. According to a statistic I heard recently, more than a quarter of the marriages celebrated in the US last year were between people who had initially met on the internet. The firgure was even higher for gay couples. <br />
<br />
Internet sites like EP provide people with the opportunity to get to know a bit about another's personality before meeting them in the real world. It lets you discuss likes and dislikes and quirks of mind. But nothing beats breathing the same air.