He Never Made An Effort.

I was casually dating a guy. At first he was sweet and so caring but he didnt want a relationship only casual. One day out of the blue he changes, just only wanted to know me for something. Over the next year he would only get things from me and treat me like Im worthless, at one point I actully thought of myself as a piece of rubbish. Then he goes and gets a girlfriend, they have been together for nine months now. He treats her so great, takes her sand her friends on holidays. During this time he has only text me if he wants something, he leads me on and now he wants to never hear from me again. Him and his girlfriend live together now and it breaks my heart everyday! I feel so pathetic because he NEVER once invited me around to his house, I was a secret, I never met any of his friends while his girlfriend has met his family and friends. He just doesnt give a care about me while he takes of with his girlfriend like I never exsisted. They are both so happy and Im left like Im a piece of nothing. Why is he treating his girlfriend great and never me? It was like he was ashamed of me. Why would he never go out with me but still use me. I cant stop looking at him and hers facebook they just look so happy. Why is she better than me? It breaks my heart everyday. He never wants to hear from me again. Please help me.
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yea i guess that the 1st thing you ave to do is to delete him from FB.<br />
never try to contact him, he's the loser cause he only came to you if he needed something but you was there through everything. so when you look at both of your souls you'll know how great you are.<br />
let go .. cause life goes on .. and if it take something good from you, be sure that god is preparing the better that's why he took the good thing ... and better is better ;)<br />
never lose faith .. hope god bless your sweet soul <3

He is not on my facebook, he declined my friend request when I added him a while ago. I feel so sad that he does not give a damn and carries on with his girlfriend. He even told me once he was only in everything for himself while he was with me. I hate this. I cant believe he declined me as a friend, he just doesnt care. I ment nothing to him while the whole time and fell and cared for him.

I was in a relationship recently kind of like yours... I did everything for this man, and he used me. I fell in love with him, but never got the same feelings in return. Honey, you are not alone. People use people everyday. Some people are just heartless. And if he was that cruel to you, then you should feel bad for his girlfriend, he can't be such a great guy to have treated you like this and I'm sure either one day she'll realize how much of a jerk he is OR she already knows but stays with him. You know, what looks nice on the outside, isn't always the case. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Try to keep your head up for I am trying to keep mine up as well. We can both do better :)

it is really heart braking to be treated like that. I have been through this myself and I know how you feel. However, don't mourn it. just move forward and don't think of or contact him again. This guy does not deserve you.