He broke my heart

Years ago I fell in love with a guy and worst of all it was one my first love and two we met on holiday we were at butlins minehead for christmas one year and me and my family were having a fab time until i met him damian it was love at first sight and he was all i could think aboutand one day we just started casually talking and that was it there wa no turning back i fell in love and i fell hard it was all going great until the day he had to leave my hert just tore open and i didnt know what to do so once he left i just went along with things i could think of nothing other than him. so anyway once h got back hom we spoke all the time oh year this was also a long distance relationship we spoke on the phone or msn but the problem was it was never enough so we arragned that i come up to his for a holiday but then when it came he was supposedly having house work done so it was a no go then the next holiday came and he and i we exstatic but then he just randomly says to me over msn its over and it was 3 days before i was ment to be coming up to his and it was also 3 days after valentines basically i have wrote this because even though i have a boyfreind and i love him with all my heart is it normal to wonder about what damian is doing and always wanting to find out if me and him could be freinds should i give it a go or leave the past exactly where it is the past im not sure please somebody help me imm desperate.
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i agree with leaveyourselfbehind! u have to let it go or it will eat you up inside.. more so than it already has. trust me, m talking from experience here... i was hung up over one guy for more than 4 years, and we were never even going out! wen love hits u, it hits u hard... but the day you decide tht its over, tht u wont like him anymore, and i mean really decide, you'll be able to move on... im happier than i've been in years now tht m over my lil (so to speak) obsession... you will to, u just gota fight thinking about him!

it's time to let go sweetheart...... you love him so much that now all you can do is think of him, but does he ever think how are you doing? how miserable has he made you..... leave him in the past........ i'm sorry but love can be very cruel sometimes......... (hugs)